Easy Everyday Tips To Keep Costs Down

Christy | 8:20 PM | 0 comments

Simple Things To Remember To Save Money:
  • Ceiling fans can save energy and keep air flowing.
  • Turn off any lights when you are not in a room.
  • Turn off running water while brushing your teeth and only use it when rinsing.
  • Cleaning or changing your air filters seasonally will save on your energy bill.
  • Shop second hand! Make someones trash your treasure.
  • When eating out, opt out of the soda and get water instead. You could save an average of $156.00 each year by getting water if you eat out twice a week.
  • Save any unused napkins/forks/condiments when eating out. They end up coming in handy later on.
  • Clip coupons. Keep your stash of coupons with you just in case.

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