Make Your Own Lipstick

Christy | 12:44 AM |

How to Make Your Own Lipstick For Less:

I don't have a great pink lipstick, and the magazines are touting its inevitable "hotness" this season.  But the beautiful blush-shade I like is $25.00 at the department store. And who wants to spend 25 bucks on a lipstick I’m going to wear twice out to dinner and then forget about next time I see J-Lo wearing an orangey  gloss (on TV, I don’t know J-Lo personally)?

Since most of us have old, forgotten lipsticks in the back of our Kaboodles, there’s an easy alternative to this problem: make your own lipgloss and save your money. Read on to learn how!

What you'll need:

  • lipstick in various shades of whatever color you want to make (if you're making this for a gift, cut off the part you've been rubbing on your lips)
  • a jar of vaseline
  • a toothpick or clean cuticle pusher thingy or whatever you can use to stir and mix
  • a small empty jar (I used an old Burt's Bees lotion container; you can use anything that’s relatively small and didn't recently house dangerous chemicals)
  • a small bowl or lid to mix in

What you'll do:

  1. Cut off small chunks of the lipstick . Go really small at first so you don't waste if you make an icky color. Use the lid or small bowl to experiment and mix the different shades to your desired color.
  2. Mix a little bit of vaseline at a time into the lipstick mush and stir with your toothpick until the mixture is smooth. Try it out on your lips to make sure the consistency and color are to your liking.
  3. Lastly, transfer it to your jar.

There you have it.  A new fun color for your kisser. And the vaseline will help make your lips nice and soft too. Proof that you can be tight-fisted without being tight-lipped (and by “tight” I mean “boring”).


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