Save Money and Save Tummy!

Christy | 1:22 AM |

Today, finding ways to save costs is a must. Sometimes we do a lot of cost cutting on some non-essential things, but for weight loss concerns, it might be a different story. We can’t just give up on our figure solely because of cost. It is better to sacrifice one’s diet and some other luxury, than sacrifice health and appearance. Losing weight has always been associated with expensive gyms and other remedies. But what if there is a way to lose weight and reduce your tummy size without spending too much? Here are some ways that are prepared for those people who still hope to lose weight, but in a frugal yet classy manner.

1. Keep a diary.

Yes, this is one technique one must actually practice. Keeping a diary can help you keep information, and it can act as an excellent first step in losing weight. It serves as simple feedback and that helps you monitor your progress and keeps you on track. Sometimes a diary is all we need to prove to us how we have been doing over time. Making it personalized, and as intimate as possible, is the key to making it really genuinely help towards your weight loss plan. You can make use of your old notebooks or purchase a cheap one. Involve this diary in your food and beverage trips.

2. Know how many calories to lose weight.

You should understand that you cannot take full control of your weight until you know how to calculate your calories. You can sign up for free calorie counts, or you can search online and calculate your calories for free. The main goal is to know how many calories you need to maintain per day, which will help you lose weight and maintain your diet.

3. Control your portions.

We can actually save a lot of money by just controlling the way we eat and our portion size. With the help of the diary, you can become more and more conscious about what you are eating, which has to be a good thing. It is good to take a moment to study your serving size and along with that the nutrition label of your favorite foods and beverage. Compare how you serve your meals with ready meals and take note of the appropriate portion size. Just by taking note of this simple step you can lose pounds and save costs simultaneously.

4. Know what you eat.

Techniques like spreading your meals more frequently throughout the day may help you decrease appetite and meal cost. You can cut your breakfast in half and save it for morning snacks, and by bisecting it you will help in maintaining a boost in your metabolism. Going for healthy, natural foods is a better choice as opposed to buying expensive processed food.

5. Know what you drink.

It might amaze you, but most of us get more calories from the beverages we drink, as opposed to the food we eat, for example carbonated drinks and alcohol. Taking control over these beverages will help you a lot. Sometimes water is the best thing to have, rather than any other beverages. But if you can’t help it, then you can start drinking reduced calorie beverages. Teas and non carbonated drinks are way better. Alcohol however will always have a bad effect especially on your tummy. Try to drink less on a social basis as this is when we drink more than we think.

These are just simple tips to get around cost, and it is almost certain that you can develop your own ways to get around cost better. Hope this article helps though!

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