The Rise of Recycled and Re-Fashioned clothes: Trend of Today’s Youth

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When the whole world is talking about the recycling and reusability of resources then why the clothes should be left behind. Fashion changes and with every fashion season, trends and styles also change. However, it is not possible to toss away the old clothes every time and buy new ones. At the same time, the youth of today does not want to look outdated and old fashioned. As a result, there is a rise in the recycled and re-fashioned clothes. With little imagination and creativity, even you can create the trendy and stylish garments and accessories without having to spend too much. Take a look at your closet and let your creativity flow to redefine the fashion with the old clothes. Think about the unique ways how you can create fashionable and trendy garments out of the old and rejected. Here are a few ideas on how you can create your very own style statement with the clothes that might have ended up in a trash.

Create a ruffle top by cutting the sleeves:
Take out an old full sleeve top that you have already discarded from your favorite list. Cut off the sleeves and sew them again with gathers on the front to create a stylish ruffle top. Flaunt your own style statement with this unique top and rediscover your discarded piece of cloth as a trendy and stylish garment.

Add embellishment to a plain top:
Take out your plain cardigans or tops, and also a few small pieces of clothes in different contrasting colors. Cut the fabric into a flower pattern in different sizes. Sew them together to create a flower with contrasting colors. Add the flower on your top or cardigan, put some embellishment like beads or crystals. Here you are; ready with yet another stylish garment by simply using your creativity and reusing the old clothes.

Button jewelry:
Create a neckpiece, ear ring or a bracelet with the buttons of your old dresses or coats. Put them in a string and create a unique yet trendy jewelry for yourself.

Tie belt:
This must be a fun to create a belt out of neck ties. Combine, recreate and refashion the ties as a belt. Wear it with casual attire with a jean and a t-shirt for those admiring glances for your unique styling.

Flower power:
Cut the fabric into the shape of a flower and add to the corsage of a tank top. Embellish these with beads and crystals and you can walk-in to the party for all the compliments that will be thrown on to you.

A bag from old shorts:
Take out your old pair of shorts that you are going to toss away. Cut the front side away from the back side. Fold the back in the shape of a bag, add lining and add a strap and sew on the side. Be ready to flaunt your newly designed fashion accessory out of an old pair of shorts.

Trousers to trendy skirt:
Take out your polka dot baggy pants that you swore not to wear again. Create a funky trendy skirt out of it and reuse the garment with pride. Open up the middle seam of the trousers; straighten the lines by cutting it on the bottom and sides. Sew it again to create a skirt. Add a bow at the waist if you wish. You are ready with yet another stylish garment that will make people turn their heads.
The above mentioned are just a few of numerous creative ideas to reuse and re-fashion the old clothes into the new stylish and trendy ones. Use your creativity for your unique style statement and be ready to steal the show without spending a penny on new clothes.
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