Eight Must Haves for This Fall's Decor

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Fall décor is rich in color and tones. Golds, browns, yellows, blacks, grays, dark reds and more give the room an opulent look while not appearing oppressive or dreary. Think of the two-thirds rule. Two-thirds of a pattern balances with one-third of a solid color. Two-thirds of one sized decoration (such as a pillow), balances with one-third of a different size. Here is a list of the top eight must haves for the fall décor season.

Blankets are back, and as strong as ever. Choose washable fabrics for easy cleaning. Microfiber, polyester, cotton and other fabrics are warm and inviting. Choose plain, patterned, woven or knit blankets and use as throws or wall decorations.

Natural decorations such as pumpkins, gourds, branches, leaves and dried flowers
are always in fall style. Find many items in the back yard, at farmer's markets or from friends. Plastic fruits find an inviting place among the natural items. Cover them with glitter, beads or sequins for more interest. Corn and corn stalks, dried grasses, dried flowers and leaves adorn walls, mantle pieces or become interesting centerpieces.

Never forget scented candles to announce the fall season. Have several in different widths, heights and scents. Choose apple pie scent for a special intimate evening. Light a pumpkin pie candle for a dinner party. Vanilla, bearberry and other fall scents are available to make the evening special.

Use traditional and non-traditional containers for interest. Natural baskets, wooden chests, glass vases, old canning jars with wire locked lids all provide a fall look with natural colors. Fill the jars with pebbles, glass beads or small ornaments to highlight the room.

Purchase bedding, linens and towels in fall colors to carry the theme throughout the house. In bathrooms, linens and rugs sport fall colors and patterns. Curtains need not be changed unless they are brightly colored and do not fit the scheme. Inexpensive, washable curtains are available, often at discount prices. Since they will be hung for only a season, they need not be expensive or heavy. Separate thermal or light-blocking liners can provide insulation.

Floor mats, rugs and area rugs change the entire look of the room. Lay an area rug on top of existing carpet and place furniture strategically to keep it from moving. At the end of the season, these roll up for storage or can be sold or given away. Hang an interesting area rug on the wall as a removable mural.

Cover furniture that has seen better days with slipcovers in fall colors. Blankets work well for this too. Tucked in at strategic points, attached with safety pins or upholstery pins, they bring tired furniture into the season. Cover dining room chairs with covers and tie with contrasting ribbons.

Tablecloths, runners and napkins in complimenting colors to the décor make the table a focal point, especially for dinner parties and regular meals. Carry the other elements to the table, kitchen and dining room. Inexpensive dishes in complimentary colors or patterns bring style to the décor.

Fall decorating need not be expensive, or a headache. Purchase different items throughout the year at garage sales, flea markets and at clearance bins. Many items can be dyed, spray painted or embellished with glitter, beads, and so forth. With minimal effort, the house will look spectacular and warmly inviting.
Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the design, fitness, and eco friendly industries for three years. Last year Nicole decided in order to save money and be prepared to this fall she bought all her fall decorations at an after christmas sale. This year Nicole also made sure to find more modern decorations to go with her the decorations her bought last year. Nicole made it a priority to check her local daily deals section in the newspaper to find everything she wanted.

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