Five Autumn Colours to Bring In To Your Home

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One of the most noticeable things about autumn is the earthy and vibrant colours. Not only does nature reflect these colours associated with autumn, but so do the holidays that occur during the season. That is not to mention the food. Many of the foods that are traditional autumn fare match the colour scheme that makes its way into many homes during autumn. Luckily, these colours go well together, so it is easy to bring the season into your home. Read our guide below to the colours you should choose and how to apply them to your home for a special feel this autumn:


  1. Choose the oranges you bring into your home by matching them with the overall colour palette of the home. The trees display a variety of oranges in the autumn, so there are many from which to choose.
  2. Place throw pillows and area rugs with orange tones on couches and hardwood floors.
  3. Decorate your kitchen with orange autumn food arrangements, such as a cornucopia with squash.


  1. Red draws attention to itself, so find areas of the home that are focal points, such as tables and banisters, that could use a splash of colour. Remember, the reds of autumn are bright on the trees and in autumn foods, such as rhubarb pie.
  2. For tables, drape red tablecloths or runners over the table. Be sure to add a vase, knick-knack or centrepiece to the table that uses a different autumn colour. Too much red and it will look like Christmas.
  3. For banisters, hang autumn wreaths with red ribbons or fake leaves on them. Be sure to space them out or only use one for short banisters. You do not want to make your banisters too busy.


  1. Browns of autumn are dark and deep. They represent the bark of the nearly bare trees. Do not go for tan shades.
  2. Drape a lush brown blanket over the back of just about any colour couch. This works great with red, tan and white, but may look too dark on black.
  3. Avoid brown in the kitchen as autumn offers better food colours for the kitchen.


  1. Yellow is not for everyone. Choose a deep gold if bright yellow does not appeal to you. Nature gives us a bright, sunshine yellow in the fall, but decor and clothing can reflect autumn with deeper shades.
  2. Like orange, yellow is best left as a focal colour, rather than a base colour, except in bathrooms and kitchens. Bring it into the home in floral arrangements, throw pillows or with decorative food items.


  1. Green is found against all other fall colours in nature during the season. It will compliment other autumn colours with which you decorate.
  2. Use green to offset any excess of colour in your fall decorating. For example, a cornucopia full of orange squash will look better with some green squash or grapes to accent it.

When decorating with fall colour, do not be afraid to use literal translations. A framed photo of fall foliage or a smattering of fake colourful leaves in a glass bowl gets the point across while maintaining a degree of taste.
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Lisa is a photographer, nature lover and amateur interior decorator. Her true passion in life is to create a memorable home, through the right décor, accessories and colour blends. Her pet peeve is when exterior paint is not matched to the interior of a home. While it can be an expensive task to re-paint your home, she truly believes that the two should reflect one another.

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