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Sure, the end of summer means no more summer vacations, hanging at the pool or beach, and looking cute in shorts and sandals. But it also means something very wonderful—fall is on the way! Maybe my red hair and pale skin keeps me from enjoying the hot weather, but I embrace fall each year. The pumpkin spice lattes, crunchy orange leaves, and the fall fashions are welcomed by me year after year. I love a good cardigan, and there’s nothing like wrapping up in a super soft scarf. Below, I’ve picked some of my favorite looks for this fall. I hope you enjoy!


1. Brown draped cardigan   2. Mustard yellow cardigan   3. Tan drawstring cardigan 
I love a good cardigan! Like a scarf, you can wear whatever you want underneath, and if you get warm, you can just take off the cardigan. They’re often knitted, so you’ll love wrapping yourself in a soft, cute sweater! For fall, I love neutrals and earth tones, like the brown, mustard, and tan cardigans above.


1.  Plaid handbag   2.  Leatherette messenger   3.  Buckle hobo

Fall is no different from the rest of the year, so play up your accessories! Handbags are a great way to show a little bit of style sass if you’re not one to give into funky fashions. Plaids, neutrals, and earth tones are hot this fall, so get a handbag that goes along with this trend! The great thing about neutrals is that they can be mixed with pretty much anything.

1. Plaid scarf   2. Knit loop scarf   3. Soft mustard scarf  4. Leopard print scarf  
Ahhhh… scarves! I’m guilty of wearing summer scarves, I get really excited about breaking out my textured, soft scarves for fall. Keep an eye on loop/circle scarves, they’re going to be big this fall and winter, so are earth tones and prints. Bring back those animal prints! I really love scarves, because they’re so versatile. You can tie them around your neck, around your shoulders like a shawl, in your hair as a head wrap (think Nicole Ritchie or Blake Lively), or as a cute purse accent. Also I love the videos at, they give so many ways to tie a scarf, so there’s no excuse for not knowing what to do with your scarves!

1. Tan boots   2. Maroon boots    3. Grey boots  

What’s a look without shoes, right?? For fall, I’m loving these cute ankle boots. They may look expensive, but they’re really not! You’ll be surprised how many cute things you can find at Walmart, Target, and Payless. While longer, knee-high boots are also going to be popular, keep an eye out for these ankle boots. They look great paired with skinny jeans!

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