Top Seven Tips to Prepare for Autumn

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My favorite season of all times has always been autumn, it brings joy to the entire family. Though the days are short and cold there is magic in the air. Love every bit of it; the surroundings are vibrant and so full of life and color. Autumn always remind me of-How blessed my life is and What Family means. Time just flies and we have to be prepared right in time to welcome the new season. Can you believe we are already in the beginning of October? It seems like it wasn't long ago when we had barbeques in the patio and enjoying getting a tan.

This list will make life a lot stress free when the snow is round the corner. There are some things that need to be prioritized and done in order. We all have hectic lifestyles and time is of essence in our lives. Do not get into it right away, manage efficiently and prepare yourselves do a couple of errands in weeks time. Life is a lot simpler if we have a list that is jotted down in easy to follow points. We all live in different parts of the world; this list is targeted to the users who have all the four seasons.

  1. Taking Care of the garden: Be it a small patio or a large vineyard, each and every kind needs care and love at this time of the year. If gardeners have plants staying outside in the winter weather there are several things they can do to help the plants stay healthy. The effort you put in now will reap its benefits in the summer when they are in full bloom. Plants such as roses should be given minimal water just enough to moisten the upper soil. Use metal rakes to remove the yellow and faded leaves.
  2. Store Away the Garden Tools: It is time to put away the lawn and Mower into the basement. Remove the hose pipe and cover the outlet with plastic. Sharpen the garden tools for pruning.
  3. Change the furnace filter; it says it runs for 90 days. Trust me, I believe in the theory in the heating season it is better if changed once a month.
  4. It is advisable to check for dampness in the basement and any loose outlets that allow for air inside. Get professional help and fix all the loopholes.
  5. Cars are the only mode of transport from one corner to another. It is advisable to get a booking done and get it rechecked and while you are there get winter tires mounted right in time for snow.
  6. Get the winter clothing out of the attic- Remove scarves, boots, gloves, heat pads out.
  7. Prepare for freezing, ice, and snow: check your stock of ice melt, faucet covers, snow shovels, etc.
Hope you have a warm and snugly winter with this autumn checklist. Get your family involved and once all these errands are taken care of, you can have hot cups of coffee and cake and snuggle in the warm blankets when the time has come. Have a great and blessed autumn!!!

About the Author:Mary is a freelance guest writer for quite some years now.Gardening has always been my hobby and the colors of Autumn make it all the more interesting to write about. My other interests include Art, Home Design, Professional Resumes Careers and HR. Please visit the resumes blog for more information.

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