Getting Your Hair Cut or Colored Inexpensively

Christy | 12:18 PM |

Frugal Style Tip: Everyone knows getting your hair colored can be quite costly. Everyone also knows doing it at home can possibly lead to a disaster (Who knew hair could turn that color?!). There is a solution to getting your hair done without spending an arm and leg while not risking the chance of doing it yourself at home. The answer: Students.

You could always swing by your local community college's cosmetic program and see if they offer any services by students. Often times, you can get your hair cut and colored for under $15.00 during student training. Nice, huh?

If you think it sounds at bit risky having students do your hair... it can be, of course. Luckily, there is always an instructor close by to swoop in and fix any problems. Look good and spend less! 

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