Ideas For Superb Frugal Weekend Gimmicks For The Family

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Is your family fond of going out during weekends? Do you ever wish you could spend good quality bonding time together and still be able to save a few bucks for the rainy day? Despite the reality that money is usually of the essence when it comes to having great weekends, you can actually plan and have exciting and stimulating weekend family activities without breaking your bank. You just need to be creative, resourceful, and inventive so you can pull this off. Do you have any idea how?

The Family That Spends Quality Time Together, Stays Together

You don’t really need to spend a lot of money just to be able to have a fun, weekend with your family. All you need is each other and a burst of imagination to keep things exciting. Here are some suggestions you might want to consider the next time your family gathers together for some weekend bonding time:

1.       Have a weekend cooking spree.
Why go out and eat at restaurants when you can just stay at home and cook your own special weekend food? Divide your family members into teams and hold a mini cooking contest to make it more fun for everyone. Make sure to prepare a prize so everyone would be motivated to do their best. After everyone’s done cooking, arrange the table, serve all the dishes, and have a great weekend food fest!
2.       Engage in indoor creative activities.             
There are so many fun family things to do inside the house during weekends. You can try having art contests, hold gardening activities, or stage talent shows for everyone to participate on. This will boost everyone’s creative and artistic skills and promote more bonding moments as well.
3.       Form a new family tradition.
Do you have your own family rituals and traditions? Maybe it is time to create a new family ritual or practice and start doing it from that weekend forward. It could be anything that the family would enjoy doing or something that you don’t normally do but would be willing to try out. Make sure to get everyone’s input so all family members would be given the opportunity to contribute to its creation.
4.       Sign up on a local community charity work.
Weekends can also be the ideal time for families to contribute to the welfare of the society by volunteering as a group in different local charitable institutions. Find a non-profit group that you can help and pledge your family’s support. This is a really good way to make everyone aware of their social responsibility and be given the chance to actually be of help to the community.

Who says you need to spend a lot just to have exciting family weekend getaways? Money is not really of the essence during family bonding moments as long as you are open to try innovative, recreational, and frugal options. Do you have any frugal family weekend tricks up your sleeve? If you do, better try them out with your beloved family members now!

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