Tips for Saving Money on Makeup

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In this ugly economy, you want to save money wherever you can. Luckily, you don't have to take drastic measures to save money on makeup. With this handful of strategies, you will be able to get the best bang for your buck.

Buy in Bulk
The best time to buy makeup is when the makeup goes on sale. Not only that, but you should also stock up on as much makeup as possible when purchasing a very discounted brand. However, make sure that the makeup will not expire before it is used. You might lose money if you purchase too much makeup and find that you have to throw much of it out.

Do the Math
Generally, buying makeup in bulk will save money, since stores normally charge less money for bulk items. However, this is not always the case, especially when coupons are involved.
Getting the best deal on makeup will probably involve a little math. When comparing two different brands of makeup, be sure to divide the price by the quantity to get the price per unit. This can help avoid the problem of products appearing more affordable than they really are.

Request Samples
Another important part of saving money when shopping for makeup is to request samples whenever possible. This accomplishes two things. One, the samples themselves are free, saving money. Two, you can try new makeup brands without wasting money. The best way to save money is to use makeup that you already own, even if you can't stand the makeup. However, you can avoid this issue altogether by trying as many samples as possible. This way, you will be familiar with a makeup that goes on sale and will be able to decide whether you want to use that brand or pass it up. Collecting samples will also reduce the chances that you are ever left without makeup.

Use Less Expensive Brands
When looking to save money on makeup, you might notice that the off brand makeup is much more affordable. However, you might think that off brand makeup must not be as effective. The truth is that for many makeup brands, the more expensive items are identical to the less expensive drug store branded ones. They even come out of the same factory! Paying extra money for a well-known makeup brand often only means that you are paying extra money for the name.

Sign Up For Coupons
Make sure that you receive coupons in the mail from any drug stores and department stores in the area. These stores sell their makeup for less than cosmetics stores and you will be able to save more if you have a coupon. Many stores will also send you online coupons by email if you sign up for their mailing list.
If your must-have brand is at a cosmetic store, be sure to sign up to receive coupons from them as well. Many larger stores have Facebook and Twitter pages that are frequently updated with exclusive coupons. In some stores, you can bring your mobile device up to the counter and show the online coupons to the clerk behind the register. Make sure to also search for online makeup stores that offer cash back programs.

Use Cash Back Offers

There are a couple of ways to earn cash back. One is rewards credit cards. Some are a static percentage, while others have rotating categories that will earn variable percentages. The Chase Freedom card is one with rotating categories, and several of those categories can earn you up to 5% cash back on your makeup purchases (drugstores, grocery stores, department stores).
The other way to earn cash back requires shopping online. Sites like eBates offer cash back from hundreds of your favorite stores. All that is required is that you create a account, sign in, and shop through the links on their stores page. This will earn the site a commission based on your purchase. Once they confirm that commission with the merchant, they then give you a portion as cash back. The best part is that it stacks with your credit card cash back!

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