Top 5 Frugal Accessories

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Top 5 Frugal Accessories for a Luxurious Home Décor

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Our homes show our style and sophistication and really convey who we are to those around us. They offer a comforting feel and warmth. We all love that luxurious look of class and style, and adding a few simple touches can really throw any room of your home from sleek and sophisticated to full on luxurious and desirable. When wanting to add that touch of high class, there are a few things that you can do to get that. You can add a few simple accessories here and there to really make a room pop.
  • Curtains

The windows bring the eye in focus. They are the opening and focal point to any room. When you dress them properly it can transform an entire room. Think thick tapestries and prints. These can add class and yet be a simple addition to any room.
Heavy drapery that really opens up the room draws in the eyes and you can really see the beauty of the place. Think of the overall look of the room, you can either add curtains that are a similar shade to the paint color, or they can be the simple pop of color that brightens to room.
How to make this a frugal, yet luxurious-looking treatment? Try the DYI curtains from bed sheets - and guess what? it’s an activity for the whole family.
  • Furniture

When wanting a luxurious look to your home, it all begins with the furniture. You not only want stylish and comfortable, but has a look that collides with the rest of the house. Not the most frugal thing in the world you might think.
But with a little bit of thrifty thinking and a good plan, exquisite little additions to your luxurious home are not far away. Think flea markets and garage sale, faux antiques and DYI milk paint, refinishing and deep-color diluted latex paints. That will be able to help you set the tone for that luxurious feel you desire to achieve.
  • Rugs

With these you can really get frugal and creative. Rugs from rags can be incredibly beautiful, as the finishing touches count. A throw rug can be added under a couch, chair end or coffee table and bring texture and dimension. Adding a throw rug that is a fur or bold design can add flair to a room and leave you wanting to sink your toes into it.
  • Light Fixtures

These are easy accent to change out, but can instantly add class and style. With these you have free reign to transform any room with a simple twist of a wrist. There are so many options when it comes to light fixtures and frugal living. They are an inexpensive transformation and can be done in no time with so many DYI projects flying around for free in the online space. You can really find something that sets to mood of a room.
  • Throw Pillows

These accents are simple, easy and completely transform a room in an instant. With a few extra pillows, you can add texture, design and color. These add an instant luxurious feel to any couch or chair. You can add pillows with awesome colors and fabrics that are not only easy on the eyes and visually appealing, but soft, comforting and plush. And just like with the light fixtures, a DIY pillow case can do wonders for a luxurious feel of the entire room.

When wanting to achieve that luxurious look that you will love to show off and others will envy, use these simple, frugal tips to get that feel. They can instantly add the sophistication you are looking for and be the class you wish to add. Get that exquisite feel with a little work and smart, yet frugal investments and love the end result.

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