Creating Frugal Storage Space and Creative Displays

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The double-edged sword of living frugally is that when you save so much money on individual items, you are able to purchase more of what you want and need. Of course this is a good problem to have — who doesn’t want to be able to have things they love? But it does raise one problem: Where do you keep all your great scores? Here are some cheap and simple ways to keep all your favorites organized without hiding them away in the closet:

  1. Display wearable art – your clothes! Frugal fashionistas know that there is no such thing as enough closet space. The problem with keeping your wardrobe updated while hanging on to your favorite classic pieces is that eventually you will run out of space. So why not put those beautiful clothes out in the open? Hang a length of chain with holes that are large enough to slip hanger heads through from the ceiling for an unexpected and striking way to store your clothes out in the open. Mounting a plumbing pipe or storage rod to the walls is also a great option when you run out of space in your closet.

  1. Are you working with a tiny kitchen that is seriously lacking storage space? Why not get those beautiful spices and bulk ingredients out of the cupboards and out into the open? Large mason jars are inexpensive and make lovely storage containers for your kitchen counters, and can also double as water glasses or leftover containers in a pinch. If you are looking to get really frugal, simply reuse the glass containers from your pasta sauce or pickles. Simply soak these containers in hot soapy water or use a citrus-based solvent to remove the unsightly labels and glue residue.

  1. Stick your stuff in a high-class crate. Many of us have used free milk crates for storage at some point in our lives, and for good reason: you can stack them up, you can stick them on your bike, and most importantly, you can usually find them for free! But if you’re ready to graduate from the milk crate look, consider using wine crates instead. These lovely wooden crates are used to ship fine wines, and they are often just thrown away when they reach your local wine merchant. Once you’ve procured your wine crates, glue them together to make a shelf or mount them on the wall for practically free storage.

With a little ingenuity, you don’t need to have tons of storage space to keep your home organized! You’ll be surprised how much more your home feels like “you” when you put your style on display.

Guest Author’s Bio: Lisa is a guest blogger and organizing expert who helps families cut out clutter using smart strategies and storage units. When she is not filling her storage units in Colorado Springs and storage units in Virginia Beach with her frugal finds, she enjoys crafting and DIY projects around the house.


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