Make Your Garden a Little Heaven with Candles

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Whether you are organizing a perfect event or seeking ways to liven up your garden, there are several ways to make it a little heaven and one of them is by decorating with candles. Outdoor candles are often fairly affordable and could help to add glamour, romantic touch or simply a warm lighting to any ambiance. Candles are perfect for all outdoor celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or everyday garden parties. Of course, the most difficult part may sometimes be selecting the appropriate type of candle for the occasion. You may be wondering what candle to use for a low key dinner party, a pool party or a wedding. Luckily, there are several types of candles that you can use to set the perfect ambiance at these events.
If your event takes place next to the pool, water or any other place near water, then floating candles make the perfect choice. Floating candles could be made from beeswax or soy wax and are designed in such a way that they float on water surface. Made with a table base, you can put them in tiny bowls around the garden for an amazing look or even put them in your pool or fountains to create magical visual appearance. If you plan to use the pool at the event, then you shouldn’t put the candles where guests would be swimming, as you'll not want people to swim closer to the flames. Moreover, candles made of soy wax usually liquefy as they continue to burn; hence the pool might not be the suitable area for them.

Another great choice for outdoor decoration is the specialty candles. Specialty candle can be made from beeswax or soy wax too and are designed for decorative purposes only. These candles come in a wide variety of designs and shapes that can match the theme of any event. For instance, if you are organizing an outdoor wedding reception, you can find specialty candles in a shape of wedding bell or a flower. When using such candles, put them on nonflammable surfaces and don't place them close to dry leaves or other things that may catch fire more easily. One thing you need to take into account is that a specialty candle loses its shape once lit. However, if you want to maintain the shape of these candles, then you need to support them with special candle holders so they can last longer. This way they wouldn’t melt completely after a short time.

If your outdoor party is taking place on dry or heavily wooded garden, then your best bet can be the flameless candles. These candles are suitable for such areas as they are nonflammable and don't really produce heat. Most flameless candles are battery driven and could be switched on within a twinkle of an eye. There was a time when these candles seemed a bit fake for special occasions, but manufacturers have been producing more and more amazing looks that can suit even the most elegant of weddings. Some flameless candles bear close resemblance to lanterns and can incorporate attractive designs for an amazing look. Others are also made to look like the real ones, so you get a natural look without the risk of flames.

There are many other popular candle types and some of them are: pillar candles, taper or dinner candles, gel candles, container or filled candles, votive candles, luminaria candles etc. They can all be used for outdoor decorating and nowadays people can make them at home too. It takes some time but is is worth it.


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