Wet n Wild Glamour-Eyes vs. Maybelline BB Cream

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 Today's makeup review:  Wet n Wild Glamour-Eyes and Maybelline Dream Fresh BB. Do they live up to higher-priced makeup?

As many of you may know, I am a new mom. I don't have as much time as I used to to do my makeup...in fact, I'm lucky if I get to take a shower. Before I had my beautiful little boy, my makup of choice was always Clinique. While I still love Clinique...it tends to be a bit pricey so I figured I'd give some drugstore brands a shot and see if they lived up to higher priced makeups.

I took a little adventure to Walgreens and found some of the cheapest makeup in the store- Wet n Wild.  I also needed some foundation so I tried Maybelline Dream Fresh BB.

Here's how they compare:

Wet n Wild Glamour-Eyes

This kit was only $7.99. I desperately needed mascara so I figured, why not? At first glance, the eye colors are very bold. Once applied, the colors are more subtle, and leave sparkles everywhere. But then again it is supposed to be glam, I suppose. The mascara feels very light and looks very natural. The brush it includes is not very helpful. The eyeliner applied very smoothly. The bonus tutorial on the side is great for people that need some guidance with the application process.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB

I've heard so many people talk about how the love BB cream. I figured I'd check out Maybelline's version that costs $8.99. It goes on smooth and has the consistency of a sunscreen-it has SPF 30 as a bonus! The cream is very light weight. It feels like a tinted moisturizer, while still correcting skin tone and creates a soft glow. So far, I love it.

Final result:

I didn't go as full-scale glamorous as Fergie, but it did create a natural, subtle look. I think it lives up to the higher priced makeup if you're going to use it for everyday use. It's worth it.

*I was not compensated to review these products- I'm just a chick that loves makeup and good deals!

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