Get Beautiful on a Budget

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While glossy magazines would have you believe otherwise, you don’t need uber-expensive products to be the most gorgeous you possible. There are plenty of very low-cost beauty fixes at your fingertips. Check out some of these cost-savers and you’ll be looking fabulous in no time.
If you have annoying breakouts, forget those overpriced creams and ointments. The best cure for non-chronic acne is already in your kitchen cupboard. Blot some organic apple cider vinegar to the blemish three times per day and watch it disappear within three days. It’s all natural and costs under $2 per bottle.

Look Your Best (for Free)
From your secret weapon Amish furniture outlet to the clearance rack at Target, you have a knack for saving money. Keep that frugal superpower in top shape with items that are in your medicine cabinet. The best lip gloss in town isn’t at MAC, it’s in your petroleum jelly bottle.
Some women have trouble with eye cysts that are both annoying and very unattractive. You can rack up a high bill having a dermatologist laser it off or investing in expensive creams. A guaranteed fix is pure gold. The next time a cyst pops up, dig out that piece of gold jewelry, rub it on twice a day, and it will be gone within 72 hours.

Get Into the Autumn Spirit
When the kids go back to school, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the school’s “must have” list. Take a good look at that list and determine just what Junior really needs. Chances are, kids don’t need crayons and colored pencils and colored markers. Connect with the teacher to see what can be pared down.
However, for those necessary items, there’s no need to overpay. Your area dollar store likely has many of the products and Target’s $1 bins are a treasure trove. Some office supply stores also offer $1 deals on back to school products. See just how many back to school supplies you can score for $1 each.

Designing the Perfect Outfit
From the latest fall trends to a killer Halloween costume, you can pull it all together for a fraction of what it’s  “supposed” to cost. If you don’t know the “best”  second-hand store in your town, start exploring or ask your frugal friends. Every frugalista should have a favorite second-hand store where a plethora of favorite brands in your size are regularly in stock.
Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to trends. You can update your thrift-store find with new buttons while taking full advantage of that “distressed” look. Remember that most trends have around a 20 year cycle. That “ox blood red leather” (as the fashion magazines are calling it) was the standard hue in the late 70’s and 80’s and second hand stores are filled with these high-quality leathers for only a few dollars.
The point is, look for help in unusual places. And remember, what’s old almost always becomes new again.

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