Homemade and Frugal Holiday decorating for Your Home

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The holidays are an expensive time of the year with all of the presents that must be purchased. Many couples and families also want to decorate their homes for the season, but they simply do not have the money for pricey decor. What are some homemade ideas that won't cost you more than a few dollars?

"Found" Items

Often, home owners and apartment renters seek to emulate the feelings of nature in their homes, so simply bring nature inside. Go for a walk around the town, and find an array of pretty leaves and appealing pine cones or acorns. Simply putting them in a basket or vase on the middle of the dining room table makes for some eye catching appeal.

Let the Kids Help

Little ones often love to engage in arts and crafts, so allow them to act as interior designers this holiday season. When they come home with a beautiful scene of a white Christmas, hang the picture up in a communal spot of the house. Provide them with clay for modeling little ornaments for the tree, or ask them to create a diorama that depicts the nativity scene. They will enjoy participating in these crafts, and your home will have some lovely decor.

Homemade Wreaths

Purchasing a basic wreath at the dollar store or the local gardening center will set you back only a few dollars at the most, and you can add on all of the decals and special extras by yourself. From ribbons and glitter to pine cones and holly, this wreath can be personalized to match the vibe of your home and your family's unique style. Of course, wreaths appropriately adorn a door, but they can also be placed around a vase on a kitchen or dining room table for some extra intrigue.

DIY Ornaments

Christmas trees stand tall and proud in many homes, and the ornaments are what help to make them unique. Whether it's with paper mache or pipe cleaners and felt, making your own ornaments definitely helps to contain the budget as these pretty little numbers tend to be quite pricey in stores.

Smart Shopping

Sometimes, you'll just need to buy ornaments or decorations from the store. Start preparing for next year once this Christmas season is over, there will be huge discounts that will apply to almost all of the merchandise whether you shop online or in the store.
Fortunately, as you can see, it's quite possible to decorate for the holidays without going over budget.
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Melisa Cammack has been freelance writing for a number of years, married for 13 years, mother for seven years, and is the biggest Christmas enthusiast on this side of the equator.
Melisa is currently promoting Five Star Holiday Décor and Christmas Lighting in Cincinnati, and would like to wish everyone a beautiful and happy holiday season!

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