Be Toasty-Warm With These Blankets

Christy | 9:00 AM |

As we get deeper into winter, the nights get much colder. Although the weather outside may be frightful, cold winter nights are a perfect excuse to bundle up under a toasty-warm blanket. Whether you are relaxing alone with a mug of hot chocolate or snuggling up with that someone special, a cozy blanket is the perfect finishing touch to any chilly winter night spent inside. Here are the perfect blanket materials for maximum warmth this winter.

  • Fleece Fabric - Fleece is without a doubt the must-have winter material. Unlike other fabrics, fleece is the best for insulating heat... not to mention the softest out of all the fabrics. Either find a fleece blanket in the store, or make it extra special by investing in fleece fabric and creating a hand-made, sentimental winter accessory. Fleece fabric is also a perfect material for sheets and bedding during winter, as it will lower those heating bills by keeping you extra warm, no matter how frigid it is outside.
  • Knit Material - Who doesn't love that favorite old knit blanket that was handmade for them by someone special? Every household has that special knit blanket that has been handed down for years. Whether knitted or crocheted, blankets made of knit material are a perfect addition to those cold nights spent indoors. However, unlike blankets made of fleece, knit blankets allow heat to escape, so they are best layered on top of blankets made of slightly warmer materials
  • Patchwork Quilts - Patchwork quilts are the ultimate family heirloom. A perfect tradition to start around the holidays, these quilts are an excellent way to celebrate family memories, and will be very appreciated on those cold winter nights. Consider using a fleece fabric for patchwork quilts; not only is this fabric extremely durable, but it is the warmest of all blanket materials, thus making it a perfect choice for a patchwork quilt that is both special and functional.
  • No matter what type of blanket you have on hand, be ready to bundle up on those winter nights when the temperature reaches the single digits. Once you have your favorite blanket or quilt, the only thing missing will be a roaring fire, hot chocolate, and some pretty snow falling outside of your window. As much as most people love to talk about the warm months of spring and summer, truly nothing beats a magical winter's night.

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