The Most Popular Colors to Freshen Up Your Home

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One of the easiest ways to add new life to a life-less room is a fresh coat of paint. Painting is a job everyone with a steady hand, paintbrush and able body can accomplish. Unfortunately, the colors found in the hardware store's paint aisle are numerous, and choosing the perfect one is often overwhelming. The following paint colors are the most fashionable choices available. Choosing any one of them will help transform a muted room into a vibrant space.


Emerald, the winner of Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013, is an elegant addition to any room of the home. Its subtle green undertones stay just shy of overwhelming, and it instead brings a sense of rejuvenation. For that reason, it is a perfect color for a bathroom or master bedroom. 

Poppy Red and Nectarine

These colors look great on accent walls. However, because of their bold nature, it is best to avoid using them for an entire room. Poppy red is a more muted red than a typical barn red while Nectarine is not the road-cone orange one might assume. Nectarine contains subtle red undertones that bring the boldness down a notch, although using it sparingly is still advisable. 

Lemon Zest

This cheerful yellow color brightens even the darkest of rooms. Easily lighten a room overwhelmed by dark furniture, flooring or cabinetry using lemon zest. This color makes a noticeable impact on any room and is soft enough to use anywhere in the house. 

Grayed Jade

This subtle color is perfect for the already bright room. When brightly colored accents such as artwork, rugs and patterned furniture adorn a room, it is best to avoid painting the walls too colorful. Grayed jade is a great color to complement an already vibrant room.

Dusk Blue

To create a spa-like feel in a room, incorporate this subdued blue color. The master bedroom or bathroom makes the perfect place to create this relaxing atmosphere. Accentuate the room using white candles and light linens for an even greater spa feel. 
The colors that adorn the walls say more about people than they realize. A fun, bright color tells others the person that resides within is cheery and bubbly. However, a dull, dreary color implies the person is also dull and dreary. To prevent an inaccurate assumption from taking place, be sure to choose the correct paint color. The colors listed above create a wonderful statement. Choose the one that best fits your style and personality for a perfect match.

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