Add Glitz and Glamour to Custom Pins for Your Baseball Team

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Before you order custom trading pins for your baseball team, you need to make sure that these will have a high trading value. The right way to achieve this objective is to opt for custom pins that come with something extra. The different options available for the trading pins can make things easier for you.

Here are a few choices to add the wow factor to the custom baseball pins of your team.

Add a dangler. It is a small pin attached to the main pin with an anchor attachment, a hoop or a chain. A small baseball or a catcher's mitt may be an ideal design for a dangler. You may also add a specific word, such as the year of the tournament or the team motto, on the dangler.
Opt for glitter. Addition of metal flakes with enamel colors creates a twinkling and sparkling effect on the pins. You may use glitter for the entire pin or to highlight a particular portion. For example, you may use glitter for the team name, motto or logo on a simple enamel background.

Choose a slider. A small, long sliding slot is cut out from the main pin and a small pin is attached through this hole to create a slider. You may use a slider to shoot a baseball to the sky or to make a baseball player run between two bases to create an eye-catching trading pin for the team.

Pick a spinner. The work principle of the spinner is similar to the slider. However, instead of a long slot, a small round slot is cut out from the main pin and the small pin is attached through this hole and capped off. This makes the small pin spin at its place. A spinning hurricane beside your team name may be a great design idea. 

Attach blinkies. One or more blinking LEDs on the surface are a superb way to create custom sports pins. Attached to the battery at the back, the lights may be turned on or off with a small switch. You can use these blinking lights on top of the ‘I’ in your team name or in the eyes of a dragon to create the right impression.

Select translucent or glow-in-the-dark colors. Additional items for custom pins need not be very expensive. A cost-effective option is to choose translucent colors that provide a view of the metal surface underneath. You may also choose glow-in-the-dark colors that also add to the value of the pins.

Insert a bobble-head. Instead of the chain attachments used in spinners and sliders, the bobble-heads use spring attachments. The small spring that attaches the main pin to the extra small pin creates the rapid movement. While you may use bobbling baseballs or baseball bats as pin attachments, the popular choice is bobbling heads. 

Affix artificial gemstones. If your team logo has the image of an animal, such as a wolf, or a bird, such as a hawk, you may embellish the eyes with simulated gemstones. The dazzle will add to the appeal of the custom baseball pins and enhance their trading value at the tournament as well.

Pop in a 3D bubble. A simple yet great way to add to the beauty of the pins is to use an acrylic 3D bubble on the surface. The procedure is simple; the acrylic sphere is cut into half and affixed to the surface of the pins. You may choose colorful bubbles or clear ones, which magnify the design underneath them.

Decide which attachment will create the best custom pins for your baseball team and order.

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