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Does a shoulder bag go well with your regular office wear? Or does a laptop tote bag look more appropriate? The numerous choices available often make things more difficult. When you need to find the ideal bag to complement an outfit or match an occasion, you may benefit from the tips that follow.

For regular office use: If you need to carry only a few essentials to office daily, a shoulder bag may be suitable for the purpose. However, if you need to pack in your laptop along with the other items, this bag may not suffice. 

Carrying two bags, in such a situation, may be too cumbersome. Instead, you may opt for a stylish laptop bag. These bags are big enough to carry all your essentials and are stylish enough to complement your formal office wear.

For the casual outings: Whether you are going for your college classes or to get your favourite cup of coffee at a nearby cafe, the satchels can make the right style statement when combined with the right outfits.

Also known as messenger bags, these bags are slung over one shoulder. The best advantage – you do not need to use hands to carry them. You may combine these with casual wear, maybe a pair of jeans and a tee or a pair of shorts and a blouse.

For the busy woman: Want to find the best bag for running errands? Nothing can beat the tote bags for this purpose. Made from soft, natural fibres such as cotton and jute, these are ideal for your day-to-day activities.

The eco-friendly materials used for these bags make them much better choice than plastic carry-bags. You can also order a printing service to personalise your tote with a special message or a design.

For the Boho-chic look: The Bohemian style is quite popular nowadays! Whether you love the maxi dress or the long, flowing skirts, a hobo bag is the perfect accessory to go with all kinds of Boho outfits.

Out on a shopping trip? Or are you out for a chat session with your friends? Whatever the occasion and the time of the day, you can team up these elliptical bags with Boho clothing to create the contemporary, chic look.

For the glam factor: Even when your signature style is casual, you need to invest in a classy handbag or clutch for the formal and semi-formal occasions. These small purses are ideal for your dresses.

A silver purse can add just the right dose of glitz to an elegant party dress. Gold and other jewel tones also work well with formal dresses. Embroidered purses can also look beautiful when combined with the right type of dress and occasion.

For going to the beach: When you are planning to head to the beach, you need a big bag. A lot of things need to be taken to the beach – your hat, scarf, sunscreen, sunglasses, and so on. The beach bag must be able to accommodate all these without any problem.

Colourful beach bags may be fashioned from natural fibres. Whether you choose canvas bags or jute ones, make sure there is a waterproof layer inside it. This ensures that the contents inside are not damaged even if it comes in contact with water.

Whichever style suits your taste can work well. Just keep in mind that it must be appropriate for the occasion. It must also coordinate with your outfit and other accessories. With a little planning, you will be able to buy the bags that are essential for your wardrobe. Make sure you decide the effect you want to achieve before you go shopping.

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