Getting a Jump Start: Father's Day Gifts for the Frugally-Minded

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 While there are many holidays geared towards women, Father's Day is a day especially geared towards the men who have become a parent and deserve the recognition for being a great one. Loved ones can give a gift without breaking the bank, and it is not as hard as you think it is! Read on to discover 4 great gifts or ideas for dad that keeps the frugal shopper in mind.

1. A significant other can always find something sweet to give to dad without stretching the wallet. Date nights for your lover are a great way to spend some quality time alone without the kids. Try taking dad to dinner and a movie, on a hike, to a sporting event of his choice, or even to a car show (which often times are free!). If staying home is more your guy's style, dinner and a movie at home is just as wonderful. You can even throw in a back and foot massage!

2. Children love to make things for their parents! Have your children make and decorate a photo frame and then fill the frame with a new family picture or school picture. A child can also draw a picture, get dad a gift card (with their own allowance!) to his favorite place to shop, make little vouchers that involve dad (wash the car together, make cookies together, play a sport outside together, grill out back together, etc.) or just spend a day out and about with dad.

3. Other relatives can buy or make gifts for a dad as well! Buy dad his favorite sport's jersey, a #1 dad t-shirt, pay for his car to be detailed, or take him to his favorite sports bar.

4. For people who are friends of the father, but not related, buying a gift is much simpler. A Father's Day card would suffice, as well as a #1 dad t-shirt, mug, beer cozy, hat, tie or any other object with similar phrases attached to it. If you really feel like doing something more personal, ideas from #3 can be used as well.

While buying dad his favorite car, power tools, video games, or sports paraphernalia may be what he secretly desires; not all of us are able to match such dreams with actually dollar signs! For those of you in this type of situation, truly going out of your way to do things that your special guy will thoroughly enjoy is perfect!

Eloise Hammond is a professional writer with 10+ years experience. She enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her family. Also, check out and Best Buy coupons.

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