Six Spring Fashion Trends Every Frugalista Needs in Her Closet

Christy | 10:14 AM |

 It is time to put the heavier winter clothes away and add spring colors and designs to your wardrobe. Women’s spring clothing trends for 2013 include a mixture of soft, feminine styles and bold and fun colors. The usual pastels are trending, but brighter colors and interesting patterns or materials will set you off from the crowd. All of the fashionable items can be found to match any budget. Of the biggest trends, you can easily incorporate these six into your frugal-yet-fashionable wardrobe.
  • Scarves

Scarves are still trending this year and there seem to be more patterns and colors than ever. This is good news for everyone and especially for the budget-conscious. Scarves are an easy and inexpensive way to add color and flair to any outfit. Some scarf styles and materials easily transition from casual to formal wear. You can get your own quality custom tailored scarves in silk, satin, cotton and blends to match your clothing style.
  • Straps and Heels

When you look for heels and sandals this spring, look for those with interesting straps. Hot looks include straps that cross the foot in non-standard ways, such as diagonally. Metallic finishes, patterns, and neon colors are also trending for women’s shoes. Pair them with skirts, jeans or pants.
  • Black and White

Black and white is very big right now. Fortunately, you can easily find many kinds of clothing with this color scheme without breaking your budget. Choose from solids, strips, checks, hound’s-tooth or even black and white polka dots. Mix and match to your heart’s desire to create your individual style. Black and white can be incorporated into casual looks for fun or formal looks for the office. A cropped jacket over a white t-shirt is a great, easy casual look. Pair a hound’s-tooth cropped jacket with a silk blouse and black skirt and you have a dressier look.
  • Neon Bags

Neon and pastel accessories are hot this spring. Switch your winter handbag for those in bright colors for a fun and trendy look.
  • Sunglasses

Choose bold, round shades to protect your eyes and look fabulous this spring. Designer shades can cost hundreds of dollars, but there is no need to spend so much. You can get similar sunglasses at many discount and outlet stores – no one will know how little you really paid but you.
  • Light Leather

Light leather jackets in pastel and bold colors are trending this spring. Choose faux leather to save money while matching this trend. The jackets are paired with pants, jeans or spring skirts.

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