5 Cheap Closet Makeover Design Ideas

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There are many different things that can be done with closets. From creating the walk-in closet of your dreams to designing a top-notch pantry that offers select spots for all of your non-perishables, simply using the right design tricks will help you to makeover your closet quickly, easily and all for an affordable price. These cheap closet makeover designs will provide you with some excellent ideas that may serve as inspiration and that you can get started on right away with some spare time and affordable materials. 
  1. Master Closet Shelving - If you have a large walk-in master closet, there's no better way to make use of the space than by installing shelving. Perhaps you're not interested in hanging up every piece of apparel that you own or maybe you'd like to create a separate rack for purses or shoes. Install high shelves and then place a low dresser on the bottom of the closet for a sleek and chic look that gives you tons of storage space in this large area of your master bedroom. 
  2. Curtain Closet Doors - Brighten up your entire bedroom and create a brand new look for your closet by removing the current closet doors and replacing them with curtains. Pick a curtain design that pops or blends in with the current decor in your room. This is ideal for small closets and nurseries. Simply slide the curtains open to reveal the clothing that is hung behind them. This is such a simple and affordable makeover idea. 
  3. Box Storage - Closets are great for hanging up shirts and pants, but perhaps you have smaller items that you simply do not know what to do with. Invest in some cheap yet chic boxes that can be placed on your closet shelves and used for storage. These boxes will add a pop of color and create a whole new organized look within your closet. 
  4. Pursery - A pursery is the perfect option that all women should have in their closets. Simply install some square shelves to create as many different "boxes" as you need to hold your purses. Place one purse on each shelf to display your purses and to make them easier to find when changing up your daily looks. 
  5. Closet Wall Space - If you have extra space on your closet walls, take advantage of the space by installing wall hooks that can be used to hang ties, jewelry and hair accessories.
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