A Frugal Guide: How to go on a Disney Vacation for Under $1000

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Is Disney only fun for kids? No way! My husband and I are a bit Disney-obsessed. We absolutely adore it. Disney has been a big part of our lives- he proposed to me there, we had our honeymoon there, we are currently planning on taking our son on his first trip there. As much as we adore it, I've got to admit- going to Disney World can be expensive.

There are ways around that, though. I think everyone should experience the magic at least once, so I sat down and gathered some of our frugal tips and tricks to save money on our vacations. Although it may be a juggling act on priorities and take a little more time and effort, a trip to Disney for under $1000 can be done.

How to Plan a trip for two to Disney for under $1000:

  • Getting Your Park Tickets:

Park tickets are less during off peak seasons. January and the beginning of November seem to have a lot less attendance. You can try to plan your trip during these times. Also, you can often go to presentations for time shares and receive free park tickets for your time. If you do this a couple of times, you may not have to even purchase your park tickets.
  • Finding The Right Hotels:

I absolutely love staying at the moderate or deluxe Disney resorts, Port Orleans and the Grand Floridian being our favorites. Although, the budget resorts are the way to go if you are trying to keep prices down. They offer bus shuttle services so you can go straight to parks without having to pay to park your car and you also save on gas. If you don't want to stay at Disney, you may want to consider good neighbor resorts that are not owned by Disney but offer some of the same perks, such as a shuttle service.
  • Food:

Sometimes you can get lucky and get a free dining plan with your park tickets or hotel stay. If you come across this kind of offer, that will cut a huge chunk out of your budget. If you can not get a good deal on a dining plan, I would suggest packing your own snacks and drinks. Just like the high prices at a movie theater concession stand, the snack areas can add up. Too much work to pack snacks? The park offers tons of tasty quick service restaurants.

  • Souvenirs:

Instead of spending tons of money on souvenirs for your Great Aunt Gertrude in the parks, hop on over to the Disney outlet stores for cheaper items. They have some awesome stuff that doesn't necessarily have to be from the park.

The key to going to Disney for under $1000 is time and patience. Keep an eye out for the best offers and you can enjoy all the magic of Disney!

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