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Many parents face the same challenge – how to create a stylish space with the focus on the comfort and safety of the kids? With a little planning and a lot of creativity, it is possible to create kid’s spaces that focus on functionality without sacrificing style. The secret to achieve this goal is to pay attention to the right questions.

Where would your son or daughter sleep? - The bed is the most important purchase for your child’s room. You may pick a specific bed and create the room’s theme around it or decide a theme and find a bed that suits the décor.

Do not choose a very small bed, as your child would soon outgrow it. Do not choose a very large bed either, as your kid may feel uncomfortable in the expanse. Choose something that would be suitable through his/her teen years. You can upgrade the bed once he/she is not a teenager anymore. 

Here is a style that looks good in a boy’s as well as a girl’s room with the right accessories!

Opt for a style that would be appropriate even after your child grows from a toddler into a teenager. An ornate bed frame with a pink canopy may feel great for your little princess; however, she will grow weary of the theme within a year or two.

A solution to the design dilemma – opt for an ornate bed frame in a simple white or black. Find changeable accessories to create the look you want. Dress it up with frilly pillows and lace bedspreads when your princess is two years old; replace them with pastel shades or vibrant prints when she grows up.

Where would your son or daughter play and read? - It is important to leave as much floor as possible to give your child enough space to play. This makes a bunk bed a good idea for a child’s room. 

The next thing you need is a study desk (a good example of how to incorporate this in the décor is shown here). This is where your kid will do his/her homework, work on arts and crafts and play with board games and puzzles. If there is no built-in desk, you just need to pair a table with a comfortable chair to create the right space to study.

To make the study area a little more interesting, you may use a number of simple tricks. Here it is done with a punch of bright red! Another great idea is to pair a simple desk with a classic Knoll chair. Seems too expensive? Opt for an inspired piece instead.

Another area that is sure to be a favourite with your child is a reading nook. 

A cosy, little built-in daybed or bench next to the window is the best place where your kid can curl up with his/her favourite book, take a nap or just sit and daydream. Drawers under the bench, as in the picture, can provide extra storage.

Where would your son or daughter brush and wash? - If you have more than one child and adequate space in your home, you may design a separate bathroom only for them. A space designed especially for them is sure to make your kids feel more inclined to wash and brush regularly. A space like this is sure to be nice!

If you and your kids share a bathroom, make sure there are steps that help them reach the basin or tub. While your child may not like a neutral colour palette, you need not saturate the space with colours to make things attractive. All you need are dashes of brightness.

Where would your son or daughter keep his/her things? Clutter – the thing every parent dreads! Always keep in mind that your children cannot be as well-organised as you want them to be. However, there is a solution for your troubles; just incorporate the right storage spaces in the room and help your kids de-clutter. 

Smart design classics, like the one in the picture, can store his/her clothes and playthings. If you want a little more extra storage, add baskets under the dresser or trays above it to make it easier for your children to stay organized.

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