How to Make Candy Bar Wrappers for Party Favors

Christy | 5:08 PM |

Making favors for your next party is easy. You just need some fresh ideas and you’ll be on your way to creating favors that are lovely and cost-effective. One favor idea that always produces smiles is the candy bar wrapped in a personalized wrapper.
We’ve all seen these at parties and weddings. Maybe you’ve wondered how they got their photos on the wrappers or how they were able to include a personalized message. It’s easier than you think.
Today there are many companies that offer software to produce your own wrappers for your chocolate bar favors. You can go online and find them easily under “create your own chocolate wrappers.” But if you have the time and resources, you don’t need any fancy software. You can do it all yourself right from your computer.
First, decide which type of candy you’d like to use. You can use giant chocolate bars all the way down to minis. As long as they are a size that will take a flat wrapper. For instance, a Hershey Kiss won’t work for making personalized wrappers as they are an awkward size and shape to wrap. So stick to the candy bars.
Next, decide the theme you’re going for. Is it for an upscale wedding? A beach party? A baby shower? Depending on the event, you can customize with different papers and inks and messages. Let’s say you’re looking to personalize a chocolate bar for a baby shower. You can select yellow paper and then print in an ink color such as blue for a baby boy or pink for a baby girl. Or, of course, you can stick to good old black ink.
You’ll need to make a template, which is easy. Unwrap one bar of candy carefully and trace the wrapper onto a sheet of plain paper. This will be the size you’ll need to print. You can then eyeball it and guesstimate how much space you’ll need to print each design. Or, if you’re more mathematical, you can set up a grid on your computer in word or Excel and print that way.
Select a message and an icon or photo. Click to insert the photo onto the wrapper in your computer program. Resize it to the dimensions you have figured out will fit on your chocolate bar. Add any design elements from clip art or any writing you’d like at this time.
Do a test print. See how you like the design. Is it blurry? Printed clearly on what will be the top of the bar? If not, fix it now. Print a clean copy of your design. You can either copy it on a color copier, print it from your color printer, or do the whole thing in black and white easily the same way.
Finally, cut out your wrappers and use basic white glue, just a dab to secure the wrapper to the candy bar. Remember, don’t use hot glue as it could melt the chocolate. And don’t use any glue that might seep through the candy bar. For that same reason, leave the original wrapper on the bar and secure your wrapper over it.
That’s all there is to it! Just place on tables at the party or in a pretty bowl as a centerpiece. Your guests will love them! 

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