Tips for Perfect Blonde Hair

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Blondes are known for being fun-filled personalities. However, there are many different shades and hues of blondes to suit different skin tones. Here are few tips that will help get that perfect blonde look.

Is blonde look suitable for your hair? Depending on your hair color, the right blonde hue should be chosen. General rule of the thumb is to NEVER go more than two shades up or down, from your natural hair color. This way, the hair will look more natural and compliment your looks.

Is blonde look suitable for your skin? Not all skin types will suit blonde look. Most dark-skinned people will also have dark hair. The darker the natural hair color and skin color, the less suitable will blonde-look turn out to be. Blonde hair suits those with lighter or cool skin tones like rosy pink, ebony, porcelain, etc.

Is blonde look suitable for your location? Do you live in areas where sun frowns on you? Remember, sun cannot only tan your skin, but also your hair. If you are going to be exposed to extremely hot climate, it might be suitable to maintain a few blonde hues. However, a few darker blonde hues could suit hot climates, as long as care is taken to maintain the same.

Here are few steps to perfect blonde hair:

Determine if your skin tone will suit blonde hair look. Though cool tones work best, warm tones work too. It’s a good idea to consult with your hairstylists who can advice on the right blonde hue to suit your skin color. With darker versions of blonde, there should be no issues to wear the blonde look.

Quite a few blonde colors would turn orange or green under direct sunlight. So it is important to consider the location, besides skin tone when choosing the blond hue.

Not sure if your hair color suits blonde look? Do you have your childhood photos? No worries then! Check if your hair was dark back then, like brown, red, black, etc. If yes, then going blonde would look unnatural. On the other hand, if your hair were lighter, like blonde, light red, light brown, etc then blonde look would suit you well.

Though you can go more than two shades up or down, the maintenance for the same is going to be very high. So determine if you have the funds to manage the constant maintenance expenses for your hair.

Also, when you change your hair color, your make-up kit will need a complete revamp to suit the color. When you choose a color like blonde, you might need to buy accessories accordingly. You might need lipsticks, eye shadow and foundation, to ensure you don’t look washed out.

Though there are many DIY kits for going blonde, it can be very risky. You don’t want to ruin your hair by applying something wrongly. It is always advisable to go to a professional for this job, especially since bleaching is involved.

With a change in hair color, the texture might also change. So the shampoos should be changed according to the hair type and to suit coloring.

There are many different shades in blonde and each suit different skin tones. As long as a professional is consulted, you should do well with going blonde.

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