5 Household Appliances You Should Repair Instead of Replace

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For many people, the first thought when an appliance breaks down is to whip out a credit card, call their preferred retailer and order a new one. However, this may not be the best financial move. In a lot of cases, major appliances can be repaired for only a fraction of the cost of a new one. Here are five household appliances you should consider fixing instead of replacing.
  • Clothes Dryers

Most of the time, a clothes dryer will either stop spinning or stop heating. Replacing a heating element in a dryer is usually quite a simple and inexpensive task. If the tumbler has stopped tumbling, it could be something as easy as replacing a belt or a gear mechanism. Calling out a repairman could save you hundreds of dollars, so investigating the cause of the malfunction is financially prudent.
  • Deep Freezers

Most deep freezers have very simple inner workings. A malfunction may be fixed with something as simple as a new thermostat. There is no reason to discard a perfectly serviceable unit and replace it if the problem is minor. Even ordering a whole new motor can be cheaper than ordering a new deep freezer.
  • Treadmills

If your treadmill suddenly shuts off after a few minutes, it's possible that the belt needs lubricated or replaced. A refusal to turn on at all could be nothing more than a broken switch. Considering that a new treadmill could cost as much as $2,000, having a serviceman out to repair it could save you a huge amount of money.
  • Lawnmowers

In seemingly every community there is a person who makes a good side job out of servicing and repairing broken lawnmowers. The reason for this is that they are quite simple machines. While a new one could set you back several hundred dollars, most repairs will cost under a hundred depending on the brand, type and which part went bad.
  • Garage Door Openers

Looking into San Diego Garage Door Repair simply verifies the fact that most issues with garage door openers can be fixed at only the fraction of the cost as ordering a new one. Sometimes, it's something as simple as replacing a sensor or a broker chain.

Appliances don't have to be disposable. In fact, repairing them can save you a ton of money. As some companies will even give free estimates for repairing them, there is no reason not to explore the option of fixing an old appliance before you consider buying new.

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