5 Things to Check Before a House Inspection

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A home inspection evaluates the physical condition of your home. If you are selling your buying your home, an inspection can help you save money. The inspector will examine the things that might affect the current and future use of the property. They will check the electrical system, and inspect the plumbing. If there are any concerns with the property, the inspector will let you know what needs to be repaired. Here are five tips for homeowners and realtors before a home inspecti
  • Test Smoke Detectors

Press the button on your smoke detector to make sure it is working properly. You also need to check the batteries to make sure they are not dead. It is not wise to light a match or a candle and put it under the detector. Too much exposure to smoke might cause it to malfunction when a real fire occurs. Always keep this system up to date as it is one that can save lives.
  • Check the HVAC Air Filters

Your air filters should be cleaned and installed correctly. If the air filter is damaged, your heating and cooling system will not function properly. It also can cause health problems because dust can affect the air quality in your home. Also, make sure the air vents in your home are open. When all this is done, your inspection can go more smoothly.
  • Trim Tree Limbs

You should not have any tree limbs less than 10 in from the roof. If you see any dead branches on your trees, they should be pruned. Dead branches can be dangerous to people and property, hire a professional from the city if necessary. You should also make sure that shrubs are not covering any entryways. Visitors to your home should have a clear pathway to the door.
  • Replace Light Bulbs

If you have any lights that are not working properly, they need to be replaced. A burned out bulb could indicate that you have an electrical problem, so you want to make sure that all lights are functioning correctly. Check all wiring for any dangers before inspection, and so the home stays safe for the buyers.
  • Check your Gutters

You need to make sure your rain gutters are functioning smoothly. The gutter helps the house avoid water damage. If your gutter contains cracks or is corroded, you might want to hire a gutter contractor to replace or repair the gutter.

Before a home is inspected, you need to evaluate the property to make sure you will not receive a bad report on your inspection. You can then be confident that your property is safe and no problems will occur within the near future. 

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