How Having A Clean And Organized Home Can Kill Your Stress

Christy | 4:36 PM |

In today’s world of busy schedules we tend to have stress in every area of our lives. Having a clean and organized home can actually help reduce much of that stress. Start organizing one section at a time and let your home become a place of peace. The following are some ideas to get you started.

  • Organize Your Closet

Mornings are chaotic enough without racing around the bedroom in search of clothes and accessories. Having a well-organized closet could actually start a stress free day. Start by using all consistent type of hanger, mismatched ones lead to tangled mess. Use linen drop-front shoe boxes to store your footwear. Use space bags for anything that is out of season, and try a wire three tiered hanging kitchen basket for accessories.

  • Fence in the Garden

Many things can cause stress when it comes to the garden; animals eating the vegetables, and plants and weeds growing out of control. Fencing in the garden can easily organize a yard. A shorter fence with vertical slats will keep pests out, while a white picket fence or a wrought iron one to help set boundaries and add curb appeal. Having fence installation in san antonio done, you will find many options to choose from. In a vegetable garden you can let the fencing work double duty as a trellis for climbing plants. No matter which you choose, fencing will help tidy up the area.

  • De-clutter the Bathroom

Inside of the house you can eliminate more stress by getting rid of the clutter in the bathroom. This room should be an oasis, where you can soak in the tub while surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. The counter top too easliy becomes a catch all. Separate medicines by their uses and keep them in small bins or baskets and use a desk top organizer or decorative cups to contain combs and brushes, make-up, or toothbrushes. For those with small children, use a mesh bag to hold bath time toys. This can then be hung on a suctioned hook from tiled walls.

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