How to Keep Your Family Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

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Many people believe that healthy, organic foods are a luxury they can’t afford. While it’s not necessary to eat organic all the time, a healthy lifestyle goes a long way towards saving money and lowering costs for a family. Health is wealth!

A poor diet filled with candy, soda, and fast food is not only more expensive than you would think, it also has long term consequences that can lead to serious health problems down the road. These medical issues require frequent (and costly) care that most families struggle to afford.

Read on for three ways to keep your family at peak health without putting a strain on the purse strings.

Make prevention a priority
Wash hands, eat well, and get enough sleep. These all boost the immune system and keep the whole family out of the doctor’s office. It might not sound like rocket science but these three moves are among the most effective for keeping healthcare bills down and minimizing sick leave for tired, stress-out parents. Living frugally is much easier when the whole family is in optimal health and functioning as a unit.

Exercise outdoors
You don’t need an expensive gym membership to stay fit! Running outside is an extremely efficient form of exercise that requires nothing more than a pair of sneakers. And some runners even skip shoes and go barefoot! Figure out what’s best for your family and make it a habit. Is everyone willing to go for a walk after dinner? What about basketball at the park near your house? Or swimming at a public pool? There are numerous ways for both parents and children to stay in shape without overspending. You just need to think outside the box.

Teach your kids to cook
Healthy meals are good for the whole family and can save you a bundle compared with eating out. Load up on rice, legumes, and frozen fruits and veggies and you can create inexpensive meals and snacks all week. If you teach your children how to cook simple meals early on, there will always be less of a need to seek out junk food elsewhere. Make cooking enjoyable and children will learn to love the kitchen and turn to home-cooked meals rather than pricier restaurant options when hunger strikes. One secret to eating well on a budget – buy frozen fruit and make smoothies. Kids love having a treat and the fruit will last for months in the freezer. Mixed berries blended with a splash of milk, honey, and grated ginger is a delicious and healthy snack for kids on the go!

There are plenty of ways to live frugally but making time for healthy choices is one of the best ways to cut back on spending in the long run. Embrace clean living and boost health and happiness for the whole family.

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