Spring and Summer Cleaning You May Need to Consider For Your House

Christy | 8:30 AM |

When spring and summer approach, one thing that comes to mind: cleaning. Getting your home ready for summer is thought to be a complicated task, but it can be easy and simple, making you feel better when everything is done. Here are a few things that will need  to consider cleaning and around your house this year.

  • 1. Walls and Windows

The walls of your home can collect a lot of dirt, grime, finger prints and splatters throughout the year. Interior and exterior walls will need to be washed and scrubbed and make sure to take notice of any stains or problem areas that will need spot treated. Many people use pressure washers on the exterior walls of their home to get stuck on dirt off, (making sure all windows and doors are tightly sealed first of course!). Another part of your house that can accumulate dirt and dust is your windows. Both sides of the glass will need wiped and scrubbed.

  • 2. Gutters

It is very important to clean your gutters every year around spring or summer, when the gutters will be getting the most use. You can hire a professional from www.ColoradoSeamlessGutters.com, or you can do it yourself. Gutters will need to be swept and washed out of any leftover debris including leaves, twigs, nests, and dirt. This will help your gutters drain properly to ensure your roof and home doesn’t receive any water damage during rain storms.

  • 3. Carpets

A good time to clean your homes floors is in the spring and summer, because you can open windows for fresh air to ensure ventilation as well as quick drying time. You will need to vacuum thoroughly first, then rent or buy a good quality carpet shampooer to get deep into your carpets and get the dirt out.

  • 4. Yard/Porch

We spend the most time in our yards and on our porches during the summer months. It is a good idea to do a detailed cleaning of both in the spring to be ready for summer. Do a walk-through of your yard to make sure there is no trash, sticks, animal waste, or other objects in your lawn. Besides mowing your yard it may need to be raked or aerated to get rid of dead grass and clippings. Clean your porch and clear it of nails, wood splinters, staples to make sure it is safe to walk on with bare feet.

Summer time will be much more enjoyable when you are prepared for it and your home is nice and clean! 

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