To Keep or Not To Keep - My Journey of Selling Old Baby Clothes

Christy | 4:09 PM |

Some of you may know that my little family is currently in the middle of a move.  Room by room, I have had to make some tough decisions- to keep or not to keep.  I must admit, breaking down the nursery was the absolute hardest part. I wanted to cry as soon as I stepped foot in there to start. As bittersweet as it was, I finally went through my son's old clothes and toys. I made two piles, the sentimental and the not-so sentimental. I ending up with a basket full of clothes and random toys that I could get rid of. I toyed with the idea of having a yard sale at first, but who am I kidding?  There just won't be enough time between the move. Fine then, I figured.  I could just throw them into a donation bin in one of the parking lots around town. Luckily, I didn't do that either, because my mom gave me the idea to try to take it to some of the local resale kid shops and earn a little cash while I'm at it. Might as well, right? Let's see what I can make.

Over the next couple of days, I took some of the stuff that I gathered to a couple of different places around town.

What they bought back and how much I made:

  • Day 1- $16.90- Place #1 bought back a secondhand swing that he never used, a shirt and a pair of shorts.
  • Day 2 - $1.50 - Place #2 only accepted a couple of items of clothes. Ouch.
  • Day 3 - $36.40 - Place #3 bought his infant carseat, a couple items of clothes, a pillow and sleeping bag.
  • Day 4 - $23.00 - went back to place #3. They bought the swing that he outgrew. 
This Week's Total - $77.80

Not too shabby. Everything that they couldn't buy back in this pile we decided to donate. Now we have more room and someone else can enjoy all the stuff that he once did!

Tips for successful sell backs-  make sure the stuff looks nice and clean. Also, find out what season they are accepting for.

How have your experiences been selling back baby stuff? 

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