Cheap Solutions for Decorating Your Home

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We have all felt the need to redo our interior design one time or another. Sometimes our dreams can really get out of hand and we become stranded between the choice to renovate and that fact that renovation usually costs a lot of money. But with some smart investments on your behalf you can easily redecorate your home as easy as baking a pie.


If you feel like paining your entire house would put too much strain on your budget, don't worry. You can always just pick one room and give it the total shazaam. Pick your favorite color and go with it. It doesn't necessarily have to be Michelangelo, but a few strokes here and there with the brush can entirely change the outlook of your home.


Nothing brings out the beauty of a room than the light reflecting its surfaces. Changing the light fixture with something festive can in fact benefit your endeavor greatly. You might even go ahead and move some of your table/corner lamps around to see where will their illuminating power better sure your intended purposes.


I am sure you have a favorite rug or carpet which you love like a child. Try moving it around and see where it fits best. Of course you can always go to the store and pick something hip and trendy that would look great with your freshly painted living room.


It is cheap, refreshing and it can last you a while. A new plant in your home is like a beloved visitor who will make you a lot of happy memories. It could be something as small as a bonsai tree, the fact of the matter is that as long as it is appealing to the senses, it serves its purpose.


A couple of incense stick here and there, a few scented candles is all you need to give your place that 1970s California look. Mirrors also play an important role in creating mystic and a sense of wonder. If that isn't enough for your discerning taste, try to integrate something exotic into the mixture. A tall, Turkish hookah will give your home a more oriental look, as would an old wagon well in your living room.


Nothing says new like a dash of color every here and there. It should either complement or contract with the color scheme you have at the moment. Some black, reflecting things spread around an all white room is all you need to appeal to the sense of the aesthetics. Just don't overdo it.


Some of us like to keep our homes as neat and a clean as possible. But if that is not the case, you can always clear up some space by removing all the clutter from your floors and furniture. A pair of jeans on the sofa can look really bad on the whole feng shui fiasco.


Look for anything that might be out of place or you don't care for very much. Hording of unless stuff can become a real problem if not dealt with at its early stages. Think of anything that you might be better off without, and then dispose of it without even thinking about it. This way you can free some space and make your place look pure and simplistic, rather than crowded and clogged with junk.

Author Bio: July Minor is passionate blogger and home improvement maniac. She is works for CleanToPerfection, but her dream is to be interior designer. She loves to spend her free time blogging and writing about decoration.

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