Clean Up Your Act: Organizational Ideas for Your Home

Christy | 12:53 PM |

An organized home is a great goal to have, but the reality of busy lives and accumulation of stuff can sabotage your best intentions. In particular, three areas of the home seem the most prone to disarray; closets, bathrooms and garages. If you’re determined to tackle the mess, here are a few strategies that can help conquer the clutter.
  • Clever Closets

Let’s face it: closets are easy stuffing places for all kinds of household clutter. Before you install that nifty closet organization system, you’ll need to sort the contents first. Outdated or wrong-sized items take up space, so pack them up for your favorite charity. Make the most of closet storage by utilizing vertical space. Stackable bins will get shoes and apparel off the closet floor. Add-on hanging clothes bars are perfect for storing trousers and skirts below the shirts and jackets. Wall hooks will keep belts, scarves, and handbags in order. Don’t forget the closet door, which can host hanging organizers for shoes, jewelry and other accessories.
  • Breathing Room in the Bathroom

It’s tough to keep a bathroom organized. This high-traffic space frequently becomes inundated with piles of beauty products, hair styling tools, and other sundries. Organize bath products in hanging, standing, or wall-mounted caddies. Enforce a maintenance rule of one old product out, for every new product in. Keep your makeup stash neat in a compartment case, or drawer with divider inserts. Dividers and bins are a good idea in every area of the bathroom, as various small items tend to be the source of disorder in this room. With so many economical container options available today, an organized bathroom need not be limited in style or creativity.
  • Grand Central Garage

Although the clutter is of a different nature than the closet or bathroom, there is no doubt that it tends to accumulate in the garage. Garage shelving solutions, which come in an endless variety of layouts, materials and price ranges, are a smart way to get a handle on your stuff. To tame the chaos and create more space, invest in shelving and bins to make a needed home for toys, tools, sports gear and gardening stuff. Even the garage ceiling can be put to work with hanging shelves or hooks.

Armed with a plan for closet, bathroom and garage organization, you’ll be able to accomplish your goal and fully enjoy all your living spaces. Don't wait another day to get started.

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