Family Circus: Ideas for Moving With Kids

Christy | 12:46 PM |

Moving can be challenging in the best of circumstances, add kids into the mix, and moving day can quickly seem like an insurmountable challenge. But with a little planning, you can help calm your family circus. Before the moving truck arrives, consider these easy tips to make moving day easier on your kids, and on you.
  • Prepare and Listen

Take time to answer all of your children's questions. From a child's perspective, one of the most stressful aspects of moving is the unknown. To help quiet your child's nerves, set aside a quiet time to discuss the move, and specifically address any questions your child might have. You'll be surprised at what they come up with, from "How will the postman find us?" to "Can we bring our dog?" Be patient, and allow the conversation to continue until all their questions are asked and answered.
  • Give Them the Reins

Be a tourist in your new home. If you're able to do so, allow your children to spend some time in your new home before moving day. Let them play in the backyard, and explore the rooms, closets, and pantries. During this time, it can also be helpful to let each child "bond" with his or her new room. Let them decide on a paint color, and begin thinking about placement of furniture.
  • Discover New Territory

Explore the neighborhood as much as possible. It is also a good idea to help get your children used to the neighborhood in advance. If your new home isn't too far from your old one, even simple activities like going to the grocery store in your new neighborhood with your child can help them develop a routine. Explore local parks, restaurants, and other activities.
  • Pack With Them

Help your children pack. Last minute packing is as stressful for children as it is for adults. Start the packing process with your child well ahead of your moving date. As much as possible, allow them to be in control by deciding what will go in each box, and perhaps even writing their name on the box label. This is also a good time to encourage your child to part with any old clothes or toys they no longer need.
  • Make Time for Practicalities

Inevitably, families with children will have plenty of possessions to move. Consider renting a storage container in your new neighborhood to help ease the strain of moving day. Mesa self storage units can allow you to focus on your children during this stressful and exciting time. Check with the moving van driver so they have the correct address, and get as much help as you can to start unpacking.

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