Pick the Best Type of Window Frame Material for Your Home

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Picking the proper window frame material for your window is one of the most important home improvement decisions you will ever have to make. After all, the ramifications of the pick aren't limited to the aesthetic basis of your windows – they go far beyond that. Your frames might look and great and be inadequate, ineffective or otherwise totally useless when it comes to functionality. The right window frame for your home might change your life in ways you've never even imagined. You think this is too far-fetched? Think again. The decision is far more important than you can possibly imagine and there are many things to consider in order to make the right choice and not regret it afterwards. For one, you need to think about...
  • Location

Where are you? Are you in the city? Do cars regularly pass by your house or do you live in a quiet neighborhood where you can hear cockroaches making out in the kitchen? I used to live on a traffic heavy street which is the reason why I'm telling you that your window frame will change the way you live. I used to have trouble sleeping at night. I was living in a relatively old house and the frames were wooden – undoubtedly they aesthetically pleasing but they had zero insulation. That's why every time a car (or even worse – a bike) passed by, I could clearly hear it. It was so annoying but there was nothing I could do about it (or so I thought at the time). However, after getting sick and tired of all the noise pollution not letting sleep at night, I finally decided to get off my couch and... well, sit on my chair in front of the computer and do a little research (OK, it wasn't at all dramatic, but it got the job done). In a few months, I already had a set of uPVC frames installed. It was a bit costly but it was worth every penny because the noise was mostly gone. Things started going so much better from there on out. My wife and I even started having normal dinner conversation without me constantly cursing at passing drivers and bikers (at that point profanity was something normal in our household – something I am not particularly proud of).

So where are you? Do you need noise reduction or does that not matter to you at all. If it doesn't, then there are other things to take into consideration, such as...
  • Heating/Cooling

uPVC frames are more expensive than aluminum, but there is a reason for it – they provide excellent insulation (and not just sound, but also thermal). They will prevent heat from escaping your home in the winter and entering your home in the summer, reducing your bills for both. Depending on what cooling/ heating you're using, you might want to employ the technology if you want to have a better insulation in your home. Of course, you can always go with wood or aluminum if you're looking for cheaper options. And speaking of cheap...
  • Price

Aluminum frames are generally from a lesser quality than uPVC. They are softer and might get deformed, don't provide isolation and that's why they are cheaper. On the other hand, they are lighter and their windows have a longer lifespan so they are perfect for areas with a higher seismic activity. They can also be recycled, so there is that, if you're into that sort of thing. However, uPVC provides better security, insulation the material is harder. Sadly, it can't be recycled and it costs more. If your wallet allows it, you can always go for uPVC but if not aluminum is not a terrible alternative (considering the price).

All in all, you need to make up your mind taking these things into consideration but remember – it's an important decision and you really don't want to rush it.

Author Bio: July Minor' big love is home improvement. She is really keen on also on interior design. She currently works as a designer and at Shiny tenancy cleaning and she loves that. In her free time she loves to take long walks.

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