Serenity in Your Own Backyard: 5 Outdoor Design Tips

Christy | 12:51 PM |

Serenity could be as close as your own backyard. Imagine creating a peaceful refuge just outside your door with a few simple additions to your property, and a little bit of creative landscaping. Turn outdoor spaces into tranquil, serene escapes, with these five inspiring design tips.
  • Year-Round Usability

Design your backyard retreat with year-round usability in mind. This might mean adding an outdoor fan to circulate cool air in the summer, or a fire pit to warm things up in winter. Plan for at least part of your private oasis to be shaded, planting shrubs and trees as necessary, and consider an awning or gazebo so that part of the space can be enjoyed in rainy weather.
  • Soothing Water

With a reputation for evoking a sense of calm, water features are essential to any serenity garden, or personal outdoor sanctuary. Depending on the size of your yard and your personal preferences, water features as small as fountains, and as large as infinity pools might be used. A bird bath could attract feathered friends to the space, or an in-ground hot tub could become a favorite place to soothe tired muscles or congregate with friends.
  • Comfortable Seating

No tranquil escape is complete without lots of comfortable seating. Group outdoor furniture into conversation-ready seating for relaxing with friends, and add a special chaise lounge or hanging bed for quiet times enjoyed alone. Make seating even more inviting and conducive to relaxation with outdoor, all-weather cushions, and add a storage chest close-by indoors full of cozy throws for chilly evenings.
  • Lighting Schemes

Harsh security lights are not conducive to backyard serenity. But by adding subtler landscape lighting, you can illuminate pathways and highlight water features, trees or statuary. Twinkle lights, lanterns, and candles set in hurricane lamps, are other beautiful lighting options that will lend a sense of quiet ambiance to any outdoor evening space. Especially if you plan to cook or entertain groups outdoors, be sure there is sufficient lighting to maneuver safely throughout the yard.
  • Finishing Touches

Sometimes the littlest things can bring us the greatest peace of mind. Accessorizing is just as important outdoors as it is inside. A simple flower in a ceramic vase, or a collection of driftwood and beach stones, or a meditative statue or figurine might be just the thing to finish off your space and create a resort-like sense of peace.

Achieve an atmosphere of calm and create your very own escape from everyday stresses by making your yard into an inviting, relaxing retreat.

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