5 Money-Saving Ways to Reorganize and Redecorate Your Child's Room

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When it comes to interior design, children's rooms present unique challenges. Kids go through many stages as they slowly mature into adulthood, and it's hard to choose décor that will adapt to all of their changes. No matter how far you think ahead, you'll still need to update the rooms periodically to keep them age appropriate. These five money-saving decorating and organizing tips don't cost a lot of time to implement and feature options sure to please every child's taste.
  • 1. A Bottom to Top Approach to Organization

Items stored on shelves in your child's room will be easier to manage if you reorganize them from time to time as your child grows. In early childhood, place the items that your little one uses the most often on bottom shelves and reserve the top shelves for items like toiletries. As your child gets taller, keep the most-often used items parallel with her line of sight. The less often that she has to hunt for an item, the more likely it is that the shelves will remain neat and tidy.
  • 2. Use Wall Art to Update Decorating Themes

It's no surprise that wall art made from stickers has become one of the hottest trends in decorating children's rooms. The colorful designs can be applied in minutes and can be removed from the walls just as quickly. From sports-themed stickers and racing cars to dancing ballerinas and animal designs, a broad selection ensures that you'll find sticker art that will appeal to every child.
  • 3. Go Modular

Stackable modular storage cubes open up decorating options at any age. For toddlers, use them as tubs to store toys and stuffed animals to help keep clutter at bay. As your child grows, let him stack the units to build his own bookcase to store school books and show off his accomplishments and interests.
  • 4. Store Unused Items Off-Site

Each child accumulates belongings over the years that have too many memories attached to them to toss aside, but there's no reason that the items have to clutter your child's room. You can find storage facilities in Oakland where you can conveniently store childhood treasures as well as all of those other mementos and furnishings with which you can't bear to part. A storage facility offers older children a way to keep their toys without displaying them daily in their rooms.
  • 5. Lofty Solutions

Modern bunk beds are no longer just about adding sleeping space. Today's modern designs include top bunks with built-in seating areas, desks or extra storage underneath. Kids love bunk beds because they provide a place to sleep without taking up floor space.

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