5 Tips for Choosing the Right Hairstylist

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With many hair stylists around, it can be quite difficult to pick the right hairstylist. Here are five tips for choosing the right hairstylist.

Referrals: You might have friends or relatives who use a hairstylist. Ask them about the good and bad experiences with different stylists, and also request them to refer a good one you can go to. Their inputs will give you an idea on hairstylists you can probably consult before making a final call. Referrals are one way to know about a stylist’s services and results. If a few of your friends or relatives vouch for one, the stylist is probably good!

Reviews & Testimonials: Much like referrals, reviews and testimonials are an eye opener. Customers post about their experiences in leading review sites. Their reviews and testimonials might include the salon name, hairstylist name and other details that will help you find your stylist. If a stylist has good reviews for most part, then you can bet he/she is good.

Free Consultation: Most hairstylists offer free consultation where you can discuss your requirement and request for suggestions. If a salon does not offer free consultation, skip it and go for the next! Meet the stylists you have shortlisted and see how the stylist is. A good stylist is going to look at his/her best, and if not, they’re not going to help you look at your best! So check their style sense, grooming and other related details to get clues.

Hygiene: Most stylists will show you around their salon during the free consultation to get your confidence. Check the ambiance, hygiene levels, products used, etc. Check the cleanliness of work stations, if they have clean towels, combs, brushes and other accessories, etc. Hygiene is a really important factor in deciding which hairstylist you should go with. After all, you don’t want to end up contracting some hair problem or scalp infection because of the salon’s lack of hygiene!

Communication: For any relationship to work, communication is very important. When you go for free consultation, check if the stylist understands your requirements and preference. Also, check if they’re able to suggest ideal styles, products and solution for your problem. These are important traits to check. Only when the chosen stylist is able to understand your requirements and preference can you get the results you want.

A hairstylist is very important especially for women, since their looks and their curls depend a lot on the stylist. A good stylist can help not only with looks, but also with getting attractive and healthy locks. Manageable hair is healthy and requires care and maintenance. Only a stylist will be able to suggest styles, products or solutions that will suit your hair type and requirement. So choosing the right hairstylist is very important, not just for working women, but for every women out there. When you follow these five tips while checking for a hairstylist, you should be able to choose the right one for your requirements.

Kristen Colòn is the Founder and Hairdresser of Studio 11 Hair Salon in Orlando. She specializes in hair extensions, hair color and curly hair. Connect with Studio 11 on Facebook.com/studio11hairsalon

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