Give Your Kids a Great Time on a Budget

Christy | 12:08 AM |

It can be difficult to keep kids occupied, particularly in these difficult financial times. It’s easy to think that kids need constant entertainment and attractions to keep them busy, but with a little creativity you can give your kids a fantastic time on a tight budget. It’s often the simplest ideas that create the best memories. Read on for some top tips for family friendly fun and making the most of your time together:

Head to the park

Get together with friends, neighbours and family and create your own day of team games in your local park – you could try softball, soccer, short tennis, Frisbee, rollerblading or volleyball. Ask everyone to bring along something for a picnic and you could easily spend all day outdoors. You could make it competitive with prizes for the team with the most points, or keep it relaxed. Heading to the park for the day is a perfect way for the kids to let off steam with their friends while the adults enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

Get camping

Encourage your kids to get closer to nature by camping out for the night – in your backyard, neighborhood or local park. If you don’t have all the equipment, you can always ask friends or family to lend you a tent, sleeping bags and cooking apparatus. Even if you don’t go any further than your own backyard, cooking your dinner over a campfire, singing songs and snuggling up in your sleeping bag listening to sounds of the outdoors will be all your kids need to give them memories that will last a lifetime.

Nature trails

Find your nearest forest and create your very own nature trail, challenging your kids to find animals, insects, flowers or trees. This is a fantastic way to get your kids interested in the natural world and asking questions about what they see around them. Make it fun with plenty of breaks for games and refreshments, and give prizes at the end.

Fashion show

For some indoor fun, invite friends around for a Saturday night fashion show – kids can model their favourite outfits and include costumes and dressing up too. If every kid brings three outfits, great fun can be had by trying on each other’s favourite clothes and mixing and matching. To add to the fun, why not take some shots during the show and create a collage afterwards as a keepsake. Younger girls may want to dress up their favourite dolls too and swap the outfits around.

Old fashioned baking

Baking is back and it’s never been bigger! If your kids enjoy time spent in the kitchen, then try out some new recipes for cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes and pies. Invite friends around and create a cake decorating competition – this is particularly ideal if you have a party, thanksgiving or Christmas coming up.

These are just a few ideas which will give your kids a fantastic and fun-filled time without needing to spend a fortune. Kids enjoy all kinds of activities, and time spent as a family is most precious of all.

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