Healthy Living: Six Ways to Lower Your BMI Without Breaking the Bank

Christy | 11:59 PM |

Lowering your Body Mass Index is simple. All of the fancy gadgets are useful for convenience and inspiration, but they are not a requirement, and hardly a hurdle to keep from achieving a healthier BMI starting today. Here are just a few of the limitless techniques that you can use to manage your BMI without making a big investment.

1. Take Your Exercise to Go
Whenever we are hiking, walking, jogging, running, or swimming, we are expending extra energy to focus on staying balanced and continuously moving in an active world around us. Stress is linked to elevating the cortisol hormone which creates problematic belly fat. Exercising helps to decrease the amount of cortisol, ultimately helping you lose the unattractive belly flub. Finding reasons to exercise outside will also help increase the amount of Vitamin D in your  body which will also help you to sleep better at night.

2. Have a Plan
The right plan will help you to identify what behaviors are keeping your habitually stuck at your present weight. Charting out the details of a plan that you can easily stick to will ensure you reach your goals in a well-structured and realistic fashion. Plans help to flush out negative self-doubtful thoughts and replace them with conviction and confidence.

3. It Takes Energy to Lose Energy.
Incorporate snacks to help push your body when energy levels start to ebb if you are trying to exercise and diet at the same time. This especially applies right before a workout. Indulging in a small guilty pleasure is just fine if you are about to burn it off from aerobic exercise. Eating the occasional favorite foods help to reduce the frustration of readjusting y our diet. Just make sure not to go over board and limit your snacks to when you are the most active. Never snack an hour before sleeping.

4. Drink Plenty of Fluids
Surprisingly, water is one of the most under-rated health drinks. Water helps you rehydrate every cell in your body. These cells keep your stamina, muscles, oxygen and metabolism moving. Also, most of our energy is used for thermogenesis, which is the process of the body converting fat cells into heat to regulate body temperature. Make sure that you drink your water on ice whenever you can.

5. Get Super-Sized on Super Food
Researchers are learning every day the importance that fiber, vitamins and antioxidants have on the body. Learning the benefits of the most notable types can go a long way in boosting the metabolism and curbing appetite. Most superfoods are common and sold in regular grocery stores. Shakes and juicing are an easy way to get your nutrients on the go.

6.Consider a Meal Replacement Shake
Meal replacement health shakes can help you to simplify calorie counting on a diet while providing the latest benefits of vitamins and appetite suppressants. Health shakes are a great way to curb a sweet tooth, enjoy a quick, diet friendly meal, receive nutritional benefits, and keep the hunger pangs at bay at the same time. For example, Ideal Shape health shakes have ingredients that minimize hunger and the risk of over eating because they contain properties that send the message of satisfaction to the brain quicker. At the same time, the shakes are rich in protein, soluble fiber and vitamins so you know you are receiving your nutrition for the day. Make sure you do your research when choosing your meal replacement shake in order to find one with the best health benefits for you.

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