Home Made Beautiful: Five Awesome Dos for Your Home

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Home Made Beautiful: Five Awesome Dos for Your Home

If you are in the process of selling your home or just want it to be more appealing for your family and neighborhood, there are some fixes and additions you can easily do that will add value as well as beauty to your home.
  • 1. Intrigue with Color

Add an unusual color combination to a room, such as red walls with red molding for a library room. Possible grey walls with chocolate brown molding might also work in a library. Grey walls and lavender trim might create a glow in a home by the sea. Another ocean theme can benefit from a washed out green for the walls and a lovely light shade of green for the trim. Have you ever thought of Aubergine walls?
  • 2. Spruce Up a Bathroom with Salvaged Materials

Old tiles and weathered wood can add to a green bathroom. You might find an old bathtub to create a focal point. Old sinks can be found as well, and it all comes together in a unique and creative room that has not cost a bundle.
  • 3. Create an Entrance that Welcomes

Whether its gardening along the path to the door, adding potted flowers along the front steps or adding some great and comfy furniture to the porch, your home will be more inviting with additions that lead to the front door. Curb appeal is especially important in the selling of your home.
  • 4. Add a New Purpose to Old Furniture

Have you ever thought of using an old door as the headboard of a bed? An antique bookcase can be transformed into a bar, or an old garden planter, inverted, can become an indoor coffee table. Repurpose furniture, have fun and bring unusual charm to a room.
  • 5. Enjoy the Beauty of Shutters

With a variety of styles as well as materials, shutters can add a unique appeal to the interior and exterior of your home. While many add energy efficiency, noise and light control as well as privacy, plantation shutters are an amazing way to add beauty to your home. They instantly transform a room; plantation shutters from sunburstshutters.com come in several styles and are often used by decorators in a look that blends with contemporary as well as traditional décor. They last long and add value as well.

These awesome tips will help in making your home unique and beautiful without going over budget.

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