The Five Tips that Will Help You Decide Which Style to Decorate In

Christy | 11:41 PM |

There are so many decor styles that you can easily become overwhelmed when trying to determine which style to decorate in. The following five tips can help you decide which style to decorate in.
  • Explore Your Options

Before you actually beginning purchasing items for your decorating project, look through some home decor magazines, walk through a few home furnishings stores and pay attention to the decorative designs that catch your eye while you're watching television. Do you like the simplicity of modern and contemporary design or is a relaxed casual or country decor more appealing to you?
  • Color

All you may need to do is look inside your closet to find the colors you are most attracted to. The colors you prefer wearing are also colors you are likely to be happy having in your decor.
  • Lifestyle

It's important that your decorating style be compatible with your lifestyle. You may find white upholstery and modern style furniture visually appealing. However, white upholstery and defined edges on the furniture may not be practical option in a house with active young children. Your entertaining style plays a role in your dining room furniture choices as well as in your living room furniture selections and arrangement.
  • Budget

When decorating your home, it's important to remember that budget concerns apply not only to the initial decorating process, but also to the long term effect your choices will have on your finances. Custom shutters are a beautiful, decorative feature in a room. They are also a way to reduce energy costs throughout the years. Wood blinds continue with the energy efficient motif and are a decorative feature that will add value to your home.

When considering the budget in regard to decorating style, you probably want to dedicate the largest portion of your budget to items such as the sofa in the living room and the beds. Choosing a versatile upholstery color and furniture style will give you the opportunity to add accessories that reflect the decorative style you prefer at the moment. It will also leave open the option of changing the accessories as your lifestyle or decorative ideas change.
  • Size

The size of your rooms may be a deciding factor in determining the style of decorating you choose. Modern, contemporary and transitional decors are a good choice for small rooms. If you desire a little country, rustic or casual style added to your decor, you can do so with accessories and accent pieces.

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