Give your House Some Personality: 5 New Interior Decorating Ideas

Christy | 11:30 PM |

Anyone can decorate their home to look like a picture from a magazine, but giving your home personality is essential. Adding color, decorating with things that you love and using mementos from your vacations will bring out your personality in your decor. You can even make a painting or other art to decorate your living room or bedroom.
  • Add a Colorful Focal Point

Changing the focal point of any room is likely to change the feel of the space. One way to change the focal point is to add a punch of color on the wall. Keeping all of the walls neutral except one will automatically draw the eye of anyone who enters the room. Don't be afraid to use unique or uncommon colors. Obviously make sure you choose a color you can live with, but think outside of the box when it comes to paint color.
  • Use Your Souvenirs

Who doesn't want to feel like they are on vacation all of the time? You can decorate your home to reflect your love of quiet beaches or modern nightclubs. Use souvenirs you have picked up while traveling to bring in the feel of your favorite vacation spot. Shadowboxes are a great way to display small collections of souvenirs from the same location. Not only will this allow you to apply a theme to any room, it will no doubt bring back great memories for you.
  • Add Unique Lighting

Changing the lighting in any room is a great way to add personality and make the whole room feel different. For instance, a western themed kitchen would look great with barn light fixtures. You can also experiment with different light bulb wattages until the room has the perfect balance of light and ambiance. If you want to get creative, you could also add an interesting or vintage chandelier to one room, or decorative lamps that match the vibe of the room.
  • Decorate with What you Love

Try to avoid adding so many decor elements that your home looks cluttered, but bringing a few decor items that you love into each room will make your home feel like it belongs to you. One idea is to display your favorite collection. Choose your favorite five or six items and display them prominently on shelves so that everyone can see the things you love. Keep the rest of the decor simple so that it doesn't detract from your display.
  • Make Your Own Art

You don't have to be a famous artist to create beautiful art for your home. You can buy a large canvas at an art supply store and paint it using your favorite colors. Abstract art is easy and often looks fantastic. Another idea is to get your favorite quote made into wall art. Wall art decals are easy to apply and add your unique personality to your home in a subtle way.

Look at design magazines for ideas, but don't try to copy the look of an entire room. It's best to focus on bringing the things you love and the people you love into your house to make it look like a home that could only belong to you.

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