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Summer often makes us regret for having long hair. During the winter we usually find it a bit difficult to maintain it strong and healthy, but at least it doesn't drive us nuts, right? As soon as the winter knocks on our door, we try to find the best haircut. And for some reason, we always consider it according to the fashion trends. After all, we all want to look sexy and elegant.

However, when choosing our new hairstyle, you will have to focus your attention on what will be the best choice for you and your face. Hairdressers, for instance, consider the best haircut according to a few very important parameters.

The new haircut has to be suitable for the type of your hair and the shape of your face. If you have thick and strong hair, you definitely don't need a haircut, which will add some extra volume. Also, if your hair is not easily formed, perhaps the best solution for you is to let it grow it as long as possible. Otherwise every single hair will fight for its own independence and you will find it very difficult to maintain it.

As we already said, there are a lot of things, which will have to pay a special attention on. One of them is the shape of your face. Considering the type of your hairstyle with the shape of your face is very important for your overall appearance, which is a main priority for almost every woman.

Oval face shape is considered as perfect.

This type of face shapes are believed to be ideal. A woman with an oval face shape would feel and look great with any type of haircut. Women, who do not have an oval shape of the face try to achieve this by choosing a haircut which will make their faces look oval.

Cool summer hairstyles. Look like a star!
Our first suggestion is a great hair knot. It is very stylish and comfortable. First you will have to straighten your hair. Then part it on the side (make sure you have left out a small piece at the front). Then gather your hair into a pony tail and use the rest of the hair to pin it around the ponytail. Then divide the ponytail into four sections, take one of them, wrap it around the base and pin it. Do the same with the other three sections. When you are ready – just spray!

Another stylish and really classic suggestion is to keep the volume of your hair. All you need is a beautiful hair-clasp, which you can use to get a few of the front strands. This hair style is very suitable for women with straight hair. Also, if you want to achieve a maximum volume and look really nice, you can use a professional hair straightener or curling irons. The effect will be amazing.

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