Your Bathroom Doesn't Have to Be Boring! 4 Ways to Make it Shine

Frugalful | 11:31 AM |

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorating. Just because it is the bathroom does not mean that it has to be boring. Here are four ways you can give your bathroom some personality.
  • Update Your Decor

One of the easiest way to make your bathroom feel brand new is to change the decor. A colorful, new shower curtain and a matching rug can really change the look of your bathroom. There are literally thousands of different patterns for shower curtains. Pick something that reflects your interests and personal taste. You could also add a piece of interesting art to the bathroom, like a framed picture or a small sculpture.
  • New Lighting

If you want a slightly bigger project, changing your bathroom's lighting can add a lot of personality to this space. Most home improvement stores have a large selection of lighting from which to choose. When picking out lighting for the bathroom, think about where the light will be mounted in the room. Lighting near a mirror should be bright enough for grooming but not shining directly into your eyes.
  • Organize With Style

There are lots of ways to organize your bathroom that add color and style. New shelves can add space for decoration and additional storage to the sink area. Woven or wooden baskets can be used to organizing men's shaving products, as well as tooth care products, in the areas where they are mostly frequently used. Putting cotton balls and q-tips into glass jars looks nicer than leaving them in their packaging. You can also put liquid products, like soap and lotion, into stylish dispensers. Reorganizing your grooming products will free up a lot of counter space and make the whole bathroom look better.
  • Gadgets For the Bathroom

Adding some tech to your bathroom is a great way to give it pizazz. While a television may be a bit extreme, you can easily add a small waterproof sound system that works with your phone or MP3 player to add tunes to your morning routine. There are lots of other great innovations to add to your bathroom, like digitally controlled showers and motion sensor faucets. Some bathroom gadgets are expensive, but there are reasonable options out there.

Do not let your bathroom be the most boring room in your house. Give it an update by adding a little personality. Then the time spent there will be more enjoyable.

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