Family Fun: Six Tips for the Planning the Perfect Yard Sale

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Yard sales are a great way to get rid of things that are cluttering your house, garage or basement. Getting a little money for the things you no longer need is a bonus. The following six tips can help you plan the perfect yard sale.

Gathering Items to Sell

If possible, designate a specific space to put the collection of items you plan to sell at your yard sale. Have everyone in the family clean out their closets and put unwanted items in the yard sale collection.

Convenient Storage

If your interior space is limited or getting things together is going to take a while, you might want to consider getting a storage unit. You could prepare for the sale in your spare time and store the items at the storage untit until weather conditions are favorable for a successful sale, according to an expert from a Tucker, GA storage unit. You might want to continue using the storage unit as bonus year round storage space.

Price Your Items

Before the day of your yard sale, you should put a price on the items you want to sell. Negotiating is part of a bargain hunter's plan, but you need to have a starting price on the items.


You want to advertise your yard sales in as many ways as possible. Newspaper ads, online sites and flyers posted around town are good ways to attract buyers. To keep this a family event, you can let your kids help make the posters advertising your sale.

Get their attention

Put some of your most spectacular items near the curb so that people passing by will feel compelled to stop. Create a few specific displays with your yard sale items. By grouping things together you may sell a whole collection of something instead of just one item.

Join others

Schedule your yard sale to coincide with others in your neighborhood. You are likely to have more shoppers if there are other sales nearby.

Give Away

Have a box filled with miscellaneous items and let anyone who makes a purchase choose one of those items for free. You could also offer some buy 1 get 2 free deals on things you have an abundance of such as books, movies and CDs.

Good planning, good organization, lots of advertising and a willingness to negotiate are keys to having a successful yard sale. You'll also need some patience. Don't forget that a pleasant attitude can turn a prospective buyer into a purchaser.

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