5 DIY Home Decor Projects Using String and Rope

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Many people believe that home décor projects have to be complex and time intensive. The truth is, many home décor projects can be accomplished with a minimal amount of supplies and can be wrapped up in a matter of hours, not days. The following 5 DIY home décor projects require nothing more than string and rope.


A dreamcatcher is a unique string art project. You can display it on the wall or suspend it, and it’s a great way to reuse materials. Remove the hoop from an old lampshade or bend a wire hanger and wrap it with string or colored tape. Then tie your central string to the hoop and to the other side to start making a net. Continue to tie it to the hoop and other segments until you like the way the net looks. For additional decoration, string it with beads as you go. Translucent beads will catch the light and cast beautiful shadows!

Display Line

Instead of cluttering up your refrigerator; tack a piece of string across a blank wall and clip miniature clothespins along its length. Colorful clothespins can be found at hobby stores, or you can paint them. Don’t worry about trying to keep the string level; just tack the ends, and the curve will add interest. You can use the string to post any kind of media, not just photographs. Holiday cards strung along the line will brighten your home, and you’ll be able to change them easily according to the seasons!

Rope Basket

Reinvented traditional crafts are a popular modern decoration, and oversized ones are especially striking. You can find oversized crochet hooks at a good craft store or online. Instead of yarn,
use quality nylon rope to crochet a basket. The rope will make the structure stiff so you can use the basket as a functional, attractive storage space.

Sailor’s Knots

Sailor’s knots offer endless variety, and you can use them to add handsome nautical design elements to your home. Nor do you need to buy a guidebook to get the look; just use high-quality rope, and even a simple square knot will look stunning tying back your drapes. When you’re comfortable with that, try more ambitious knots like the Carrick Bend or the Chain Splice.

Connect-the-Dots Art

For this project, you need nails, a hammer, and wood. The nails function like the connecting dots. Simple shapes will be the most visually striking, especially block letters. Hammer the nails in the outline of the shape and tie the end of the string onto any nail. Pull the knot against the head of the nail and dab glue to secure it. Then wind the string from nail to nail, stretching across the inside and creating your own string patterns.

The five home décor projects listed above can be accomplished by any DIY enthusiast. They are simple, fun and best of all, they look stunning considering the relatively small amount of work required to complete them!

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